Fun activities and more for Father's day! How to make it special!

  • Jun 10, 2019
  • Fathers Day

    Every day with Dad is special, but some days are more so than others. 

    You look up to your dad from the time you are a toddler, and in some sense, though you may grow up to be a friend to the man who supported you every step of the way, you still look up to him as an adult. 

    How do you make Father’s Day special?

    Let dad know you think of him all the time with a day of specials! Start with breakfast in bed and end it with a bedtime story. For the entire middle of the day, between breakfast in bed and bedtime stories, there are many age-appropriate ideas that you can indulge in. With a little help from the other adults in their lives, a child can make the day special for their dad. 

    Make him breakfast in bed. It may be the most common theme across Father’s Day, but it is so for a reason. Who does not enjoy a lazy, indulgent start to a day? The food can be simple and range from just a glass of juice along with simple sandwiches or a pancake.

    Give him a card. Handprints or footprints on a card every year tell dad how much the child is growing under his watch. He would be more than happy to have one each year, starting with the infant and going on, and preserve them all. Draw and and color it for more effect.  It’s easy and always a hit.

    Craft a gift. Something his baby made is always special to dad. Make a photo frame or a collage of pictures. Build a family tree. It will be unique and special to dad. Homemade DIY always trumps store bought for dad!  There are many printable cards available on different sites that cab be coloured, crafted, or even put together a small fun item, like a picture frame.

    Make a treat. Simple treats for dad include fruits on a plate, chilled just right, a snack of mixed nuts or even a Popsicle stick made with a little fruit juice in a glass and set to freezing. Make enough for all and enjoy the treat together.

    Go on a family picnic/camping. If time permits, there is nothing more fun than going out on a picnic. Better yet take time and go camping with dad or go to the beach. 

    Make a T-shirt. Something he can wear with pride and love. Get a favorite picture printed on the T-shirt or print  a favorite image using stamps. Get creative. Every time dad wears it, it’s like love is wrapped around him!

    Watch a movie that you all enjoy. Screen time is limited, and this may be one of those times when you can watch the big screen together! Catch a movie together. It’s fun.

    Serenade dad. Sing a song, write a poem and let him know that ‘Dad rocks!’

    Plant something together. A little shrub, a tree or just a small succulent plant; when you plant something that you both can watch as it grows, it can be very special. 

    Read him a story today. Dads read you stories all the time. Maybe you can read him your special story at your bedtime on Father’s Day and watch him glow with pride with every word you read.

    Does this all make Father's Day special? 

    Dads feel special watching you grow and thrive in front of their eyes. He does special things for his child every day. Dad is your special superhero. It’s time to let him know that! Make this Father’s Day a special one! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who make us feel special every day!


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