Ganesha Stories for the festival! Happy celebrations!

  • Sep 10, 2018
  • Ganesha Stories for the festival! Happy celebrations!

    Making your own Ganesha idol with clay or flour?

    Ganesha was created by Parvati using some turmeric, so if you are making your own clay or flour Ganapati, you are absolutely on the button!

    There are several stories about Ganesha, and this Ganesh festival as you settle down with your little ones and savor the lovely modaks and laddoos, here are some stories that will make the celebration even more fun and exciting.

    Has the tooth fairy ever visited your little one? Well, Ganapati too has a broken tooth, and the stories around it are fascinating.

    Ganesha and the Moon

    One story goes that after a meal at Kuber’s, Ganapati tried to climb over a fence and slipped and fell. The moon that was out that night saw this and laughed.

    Annoyed at the moon for laughing at his discomfort, Ganesh broke off his tusk and threw it at the moon which caused the moon to disappear.

    Distraught at his predicament, the moon begged to reappear, and when Ganapati relented, he did so with the condition that he would wax and wane every 15 days. 

    Ganesha's Handy Tusk

    Another reason he is hailed as ‘Ekdant’ has to do with the Mahabharata. Sage Vyasa, the creator of Mahabharata, requested Ganesha to transcribe it for him while he recited it.

    Being extremely fast, Ganesha said that there would be no breaks. The sage acceded and would say the more difficult verses whenever he needed a break and so good was he that the pen Ganesh was writing with broke from wear.

    Not wanting to stop as had been agreed, Ganesh broke off his tusk and dipped it in ink as a quill so he could keep up with sage Vyasa.

    There are several other stories that you can also read to little ones

    Ganesha's Ride

    Have you seen his ride the mouse and wondered why he would choose a mouse to be his ride?

    Therein lies a tale too. Gajamukhasur, a demon, had won a boon from Shiva and could not be contained by any human or animal forces.

    When he became destructive and defied the Gods, Shiva sent Ganesh, who converted him into a mouse.

    When the demon repented, Ganesh relented and kept him on as his ride.

    Ganesha's World

    But no Ganesh celebration can be complete without the story of how he won the fruit of wisdom.

    One day a Sage gave Shiva a fruit, bestowing a blessing that whoever ate the fruit would be wise.

    Ganesh and his brother Kartikeya both wanted it, and to be impartial, Shiva set a challenge, saying that whoever could go around the universe the fastest would win the fruit.

    Kartikeya got on to his ride, the peacock and flew off immediately. Ganesha got up leisurely and walked around Shiva and Parvati and at the end of the round, asked for the fruit.

    When asked why he thought he had won, he answered that his parents were the whole universe to him, thus winning the contest.

    There are many such little stories about Ganesh and the festival season is the perfect time to read, tell and enjoy these stories along with all the fun and excitement of the celebrations.

    Visit the pandals and public places where they have the Ganesha celebrations. Stay safe.

    We wish you a happy and eco–friendly Ganesha Festival!

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