We are 3! Thank you for being part of our journey.

  • Aug 24, 2017
  • We are 3! Thank you for being part of our journey.

    Children as young as 15 to 18 months can begin to grasp concepts that lead to gratitude, say experts. So toddlers comprehend that they are separate human beings from their parents and that their care givers often perform actions to make them happy (from playing peekaboo to handing out treats)

    As a 3-year-old, we know that we have a lot to be grateful for. Thanks to the love and affection showered on our toys and us through likes, Facebook posts, Instagram and every other form of expression, we know that we are here today, only because of you.

    Gratitude makes us happier say experts.  We at Shumee are happier knowing that we have so much to be grateful for. We have grown from just 10 wooden toy products at launch three years ago to over 73 lines of toy products and books today. This has been possible because of your feedback and faith in us.

    Gratitude makes us healthier – from a bare bone few rushing around to make it all happen, from designing, sourcing, production, shipping the eco-friendly wooden toys that we wanted to bring to the world. We now have grown to a healthier larger team that can take in your requirements and fulfill them faster, sooner, better.

    Gratitude makes us more energetic – Knowing that you are a part of our life, is the entire energy booster we need. We are now a part of a Shumee family of over 20,000 on Facebook and have loyal Shumee-ites who share their play, stories, and life and likes with us so generously. It gives us wings to fly!

    Gratitude makes us bounce back – like a ball that bounces back up the harder it lands on the ground, your support for us as we turn 3  helps us bounce back from any set backs that we may have.  Our Shumee family is the glue that holds us together and we are grateful for it.

    Gratitude helps us reach our goals – Counting our blessings makes us want to reach out more to those who have made them possible. We set our goals to build better toys, make more children happy and be part of their growth and do better.

    Gratitude helps us make more friendships – We have more friends at 3 than we did ever before and we are so grateful for that. Friends are always the best gift anyone can have. So thank you for being ours. We would love to make even more friends and hope to do so as we grow.

    As this birth month of ours draws to a close we would just like to bow our heads in gratitude and say what we may sometimes not be able to in the din of everyday life – Thank you for being part of our journey and helping us grow to be 3.

    Three cheers to all of you!!

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