When kids became our toy designers #shumeecuddlybuddy contest

  • Jun 19, 2020
  • When kids became our toy designers #shumeecuddlybuddy contest

    From soft homemade bread to delicious, frothy dalgona coffee – we know that adults have found ways to nurture their creativity while social distancing. But what about children? 

    A month into social distancing, we noticed that many of our #shumeekids were expressing their creativity through gorgeous paintings and sketches. Seeing their artistic talents inspired us to do something special. 

    Bringing children’s art to life!

    On April 28th, we launched our Design Your Plush Toy contest. The rules were simple – we asked parents to get their children to draw something original, and we would pick 4 of them to turn into plush toys.

    Adorable imaginary animals, floppy human figures, or even funny-looking mutants... we wanted kids to let their imagination run wild and draw as many wacky doodles as they could! The winning entries would become plush toys in our collection of shumee toys with the child’s name mentioned as the designer.

    We announced the campaign on our social channels and accepted applications from kids between the ages of 3 to 8. All the participants had to do was share their pictures using #shumeecuddlybuddy and invite 2 other moms to participate.

    Children’s imagination knows no bounds


    We know how innovative children are and were excited to see what they would come up with. When the entries started pouring in, we were blown away by the sheer volume of participants, their creativity, and the joy of the kids and moms who joined in! 

    The whimsical and beautiful drawings were a showcase of children’s rich imagination. The tremendous range of what we saw included rainbow parrots, mermaid cats, magical unicorns, indigo elephants and of course, cute baby sharks. Shumee kids were all in!

    We received 200+ entries from all over the country which we narrowed down to 10 finalists. We've featured just a few of them above.

    Meet the winners! 

    Four-year-old Adhvikaa Raghul’s sketch of Humpty Dumpty was an easy winner. We especially loved the googly eyes and cuddly figure she gave HD! 


    She is not just a blooming artist, but enjoys singing and playing the piano too. We’re thrilled to have been a part of stoking her creative fire and can’t wait to make this cuddly buddy for her.

    Her mum says Adhvika is a keen observer, great helper, and an adventurous, easy-going girl. She loves to learn how everything works and has completed reading 1000 books before kindergarten! 


    Our next winner is three-and-a-half-year-old Kanav Nahata.

    Kanav loves animals and birds and making stories around them. We hope that the penguin plush toy we are creating from his sketch will be the perfect addition to his animal playmates!


    Kanav is a curious and friendly boy who loves to express himself through acting and art. His artistic skills include creating sketches, crayon drawings and using water colours. One of his art pieces has even been featured on a virtual Instagram museum handle!


    Rifa Zaheen is also a three-and-a-half-year-old whose drawing immediately won us over.

    Rifa has drawn such a cute drawing of a cupcake! Imagine a cupcake cuddly toy? Only a child could! :)

    Rifa loves to doodle, paint, and craft. She is compassionate, loves to be around people and doesn’t miss a chance to play with her friends. We hope she and her friends will enjoy her latest cupcake plush toy!


    Our final winner is two-and-a-half-year-old Vedaant Gupta who drew an incredible sketch of a giraffe!

    Advait is a kind and active little boy who is as creative as he is intelligent. Giraffes are his favourite toys, so we hope he loves the one we create for him! 

    What’s in store for our winners and customers?

    Over the next few months, our designers will be working to turn these drawings into viable toy designs for shumee. They will adapt the sketches, explore materials, experiment with colours, get samples made, get them tested, and eventually, create the best cuddly buddies! Follow us on Instagram for pictures and stories from behind the scenes.

    Once created, each toy will have the child’s name and age on the label. The winners will get the plush toys delivered to their homes for free and it will then be up on shumee.in for everyone to shop!

    We thank each participant for joining in and sharing their art with us. Shumee kids are and will always remain the inspiration for everything we create!

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