[Episode #6] Let's Go Back To an Unplugged Childhood!

  • Dec 13, 2019
  • [Episode #6] Let's Go Back To an Unplugged Childhood!

    When was the last time you answered a question by opening a book and not Googling it?! Takes some effort, doesn't it! Technology and devices are definitely a large portion of our work and play nowadays. More the reason why we need to take a step back and recreate the simple ways of play for our kids. Can we show our kids a healthier way to just have fun?

    In this episode of Playtime with shumee, India's first podcast exclusively on play and parenting, we have our founder Meeta Sharma sharing her efforts to minimise dependence on technology and making conscious choices for playtime. A simple philosophy that she holds dear and brings out in every shumee toy too.

    Also, don't miss hearing about an exciting new partnership and launch coming up this month!

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