[S2 Episode #4] Are you a parent or a friend to your child?

  • Feb 27, 2020
  • [S2 Episode #4] Are you a parent or a friend to your child?

    Ever dreamed of being friends with your child? The kind of beautiful relationship in which they confide in you, you share laughs and heart-to-heart talks together, and no matter how old they are, they choose to hang out with you?

    It sounds like every parent’s dream. But is it just that: a pipe dream? Is it really possible to be friends with your children? And how does this dynamic change as your child moves from early schooler to tween, teen and young adult?

    In the special episode of Playtime with Shumee, India’s first podcast exclusively on parenting and play, we interview not one, not two, but three parents. They live in different parts of the world, have kids ranging from toddlers to teenagers, and have had completely different experiences in trying to be friends with their kids.


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