[Season 2 Episode #3] Getting fussy eaters to eat

  • Feb 12, 2020
  • [Season 2 Episode #3] Getting fussy eaters to eat

    Does your otherwise angelic toddler turn into a raging monster at mealtimes? Refusing the food you lovingly make, pushing bowls and plates away, making you run circles around them for hours...

    This is every parent's worst nightmare acted out three or four times a day. Why do children lose interest in food? Should you coax, trick, or force them to eat? How do you know if they're getting enough nutrition?

    In this episode of Playtime with Shumee, India's first podcast exclusively on play and parenting, we chat with Sharmila Ribeiro, author of the award-winning cookbook 'Everyday Love — a mother's guide to healthy cooking for kids', to find answers. Tune in!

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