Make your own Easter Bunny in 5 easy steps

  • Apr 08, 2022
  • Make your own Easter Bunny in 5 easy steps

    Easter is right around the corner and whether you celebrate the festival or not, you've certainly heard of the Easter Bunny! 

    Some believe that the tale of this rabbit came about in 1700, from a German folklore where bunnies laid colourful eggs for 'good children' during spring. Others believe that it came from older traditions where the image of a hare laying eggs was a symbol of birth, rebirth, and fertility. This is often tied with the Christian holiday celebrating Jesus' resurrection. 

    Regardless of the origin, it sure is fun to celebrate this storied holiday by making Easter Bunnies with your little one. Read on to find out how you can do so in 5 simple steps, with materials you have at home!

    Making the DIY Easter Bunny

    Materials required:

    1. Pink or white paper.

    2. Ruler, pencil, scissors, and glue.

    3. Black and pink sketch pens or crayons.

    4. White or pink pompoms or cotton balls (optional).

    How to make the Bunny:

    1. Draw 6 strips of 2.5 x 11 cm and 4 of 2 x 8 cm. 

    2. Cut the longer strips and fold them in the center. Stick them across each other and attach the tips of each strip with glue. This sphere will be the body of the bunny. 

    3. Repeat the same with the smaller strips. This will be the head of the bunny. Stick the head and body together. 

    4. On a fresh paper, draw and colour a nose, eyes, teeth, feet, and ears. Cut them and stick them on the bunny.

    5. If you'd like a cute poofy tail, attach pompoms or cotton balls behind the bunny!

    Playing with your DIY Easter Bunny

    1. Organise an Easter Bunny Hunt! Make a few of these bunnies and hide them around your house. Send your child on a scavenger hunt to see how many they can find. This could even be a party game for an Easter celebration.

    2. Add chocolates inside the Easter Bunny. Whether you use it in a scavenger hunt or give it to your child as a gift, they will love prying open yummy treats from inside the bunny's tummy!

    3. Tell stories and pretend pay with the bunny. We love that this bunny is always timely, an adorable playmate for your child. Use it to tell stories or let your child make up their own with it. Get used to it being a new member of your household!

    4. Use the bunny to decorate your home! If you are doing the DIY activity with your child, they will love to proudly showcase their handiwork for everyone to see. Be it for Easter or as a piece of art in your their room, give them a little something to brag about!

    If you've tried this activity at home, we'd love to know how it went! Do share your pictures and tag us on Instagram @shumeetoys.