Activities Sheet to Engage Preschoolers (Age: 4-6 years)

Engage your preschooler in interesting learning activities before they start school. These are a great way for the two of you to bond through shared activities and new conversations!


Earth Day Downloadable 


This bundle is designed for kids to explore & learn about sustainability in a fun, interactive way. There are lots of informative, yet simple to understand facts for them along with lots of ACTIVITY prompts / ideas in between. (The activity pages are titled: ACTIVITY TIME).

The bundle is divided into 2 parts: Level-1 - for younger children & Level-2 for older children. Feel free to pick & choose the content accordingly.

As always you can tweak this unit study to suit your child's age & interest.

Feel free to re-create activities based on ideas shared inside this unit. You do not have to print the bundle - most of the activities can easily be learnt, answered & / or created without printing anything.  



Chore Chart

It's never too early to start chore-sharing with your kiddo! Keep track of the hits and misses with these Happy & Sad stickers. A great way to track progress and instill a sense of achievement in them.

Dinosaur Fun

Who doesn’t love dinos? Even as adults, we do! This fun activity includes finding the difference between two dino-themed scenes.

Sandwich Making

Letting your bub make a sammich in real life can get real messy. But why not try this paper DIY version with tons of mix & match options!

Space Explorer

With ISRO’s mounting achievements in space exploration, it’s never been a more exciting time to explore this space! Try this count & colour activity for starters.

Vacation Ready!

Packing for a vacation? Let your little one figure out what can and cannot fit into a travel bag!

Birthday Blast

Help this little boy get to his birthday party in time by finding the shortest route!

Colourful Characters

A step-by-step drawing activity that lets you make your own character. Try it!

Family Time

Teach your bub about your family with this cool exercise! Identify family members and find out more about them here.

Fruity Fun

Trace the outlines and learn to draw fruits. A deliciously fun activity to familiarize your child with everyday fruits!

Plants Puzzle

Learn the lifecycle of a plant and make cool flashcards.