Activity Sheets to Engage Your Toddlers (Age 2-4 years)

Wondering how to get your toddler’s attention? Stop them zooming around sticking their fingers into sockets and tipping things over? Divert their incredible energy into fun, meaningful pursuits with these activity sheets on familiar and fantastic themes!

Chore Chart

It’s never too early to start chore sharing with your lil’ one! This handy activity sheet has chore coupons and a weekly calendar. You can award coupons to your toddler as and when they complete chores. A great way to track progress and instill a sense of achievement in them.

Dinosaur Fun

Who doesn’t love dinos? Even as adults, we do! This fun activity includes colouring various dinos, making paper puppets from them, and matching silhouettes to a painting. Try them!

Sandwich Making

Letting a toddler make a sammich in real life can get real messy. But why not try this paper DIY version?

Space Explorer

With ISRO’s mounting achievements in space exploration, it’s never been a more exciting time to explore this space! Start with the basics here.

Vacation Ready!

Packing for a vacation? This silhouette activity will help your toddler make visual associations with travel!

Birthday Blast

A ready-to-colour birthday card! Cut, colour, and gift. It’s as simple as that!

Colourful Characters

Meet Mello the monkey and colour your own version of Mello! Stay within the lines or go all out: your kiddo’s creativity has no limits!

Family Time

Teach your toddler about your family with this cool exercise! Identify family members and match their pics to their relationship.

Fruity Fun

Get to know fruits, inside out! Match the insides of fruits with their coverings. A deliciously fun activity to familiarize your child with everyday fruits.

Plants Puzzle

Colour, cut, mix, and match to create a picture puzzle your toddler can then put back together. Keeps them engaged for hours and builds problem solving skills.