FAQs for Subscription Boxes

Can the shumee Boxes of Play be customized?

No—and for a very good reason. :) Your child's development needs are different at every age and so is their ability to pick up new skills. We have curated every Box of Play with handpicked toys, games, activities, and accessories that are appropriate for your child's age and development stage. So, substituting or customizing the contents of the boxes does not make sense. If you are looking for anything specific, please do ping us on care@shumee.in and we'll help you choose.

What is included in each box?

Each box has 2 to 6 handpicked toys, games, activities, and accessories that are not just fun for your child to play with, but also help them develop important life skills such as problem solving, communication, social interaction, focus and attention, creativity, etc.


Are the toys in the Boxes of Play different from the other toys on your website?

Some are new and some are already available on our website. We put together every box with a mix of toys that impart age-appropriate skills to your child. Our intent with these curated Boxes of Play is to simplify your life. We have handpicked the contents of these boxes so that you don't have to scour our website or others for new toys every few months. And we will ship the right boxes to you every 3 months, as your child moves to the next growth stage. 


I am a regular shumee customer. What if I already have a toy that's in the box? We love our regular customers! If you have lots of shumee toys already, don't worry. After placing your subscription order, please drop a line to care@shumee.in and tell us which products you already have. We will select equally awesome substitutes for your boxes.

Can I return a subscription Box of Play? 

If you've placed your order for a subscription box and not yet received it, please request a cancellation by writing to care@shumee.in. However once you receive a subscription box, we do not accept returns. You can ask for the remaining boxes to be stopped: see the next question.

Can I stop my subscription in between?

Sure. Please write to care@shumee.in if you need to stop your subscription. If you have already received any Boxes of Play, you will be charged for those and issued a refund for the remaining boxes. This refund will be credited to your account