Plant a Tree

Yay it's our 2nd birthday and Shumee and friends are planting some trees to celebrate!

Just buy a toy this month and we will plant a tree on your behalf.
You will get a certificate of authenticity in your name.

Shumee is rooted in the idea of making environmentally safe, sustainable, eco-friendly and child safe toys.
Along with all the eco-friendly procedures and materials that are integral to our toy production, we also wish to make this planet a better one for our children.
Planting trees is the most effective way of ensuring a better future for the coming generations.
Trees are ecosystems that provide oxygen, shade, home to birds and other creatures.
So all this month, we will plant a tree for every toy you buy.
We are committed to planting trees and can do it with your help. We have partnered with to plant a tree for every order received. We will send you an e-certificate with your unique identification number for the tree planted. You can also locate your tree at our partner's website by entering the unique identification number in your e-certificate.
So all this month, we will plant a tree for every toy you buy.
Buy a toy today and plant a tree for a better tomorrow!