Summer DIY

No more boring summers! Turn your munchkins into monsters, keep them busy as bees and happy as monkeys, as they design their happy smart cities!
We have curated 4 DIY activities that will keep kids busy having fun this summer. A new DIY will be posted every Friday!
And for double the summer fun, just share pictures of the activity on Facebook or Instagram and win exciting prizes in the shumee summer DIY contest!

Rules as follows.
1. Post a picture your child’s version of our Summer DIY activity in the Comments Section of the relevant post.
2. Tag atleast three of your friends in the comments section!
3. Share maximum pictures and entries for all three weeks and win the prize! (shumee stamp set and a discount coupon!). Three other best entries will win discount coupons.
4. You can share pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
5. Hashtag the pics with #shumeediycontest

Jungle Fun (#junglefun)

A scheming fox, a frolicking monkey and a fearsome lion.
Turn your house into a mini jungle with these face masks and of course make up stories along the way!
Click here to download the face masks for free!

Monster Mania (#monstermania)

If you see a monster what would you do? Would you scream with excitement or would you say 'BOO'?
Our next #shumeediy is here! Its #monstermania!

Flitter Critters (#flittercritters)

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? It is a shumee flitter critter!
Our next #shumeediy is here! #flittercritters are here!

Little Town (#littletown)

Cars, homes, trees and more. Let your children plan a city this summer!!
Keep them engaged with making a whole city that they imagine.
Here is how everyone can have fun with #shumeesummerDIY. #littletown