Wholesale toys for preschools, kindergarten & learning centers

"Play is our brain's favourite way of learning," Diane Ackerman
If you, like us, believe that children learn and develop crucial, age-appropriate skills when they're engaged in purposeful play, hello! 😃 We are an Indian toy brand passionate about making playtime safe, sustainable, and skill-building for children everywhere.
We believe that Play is 90% child and 10% toy. We don't believe in forcing children to learn or thrusting "educational toys" on them! That's why our toys, puzzles and games are designed to facilitate unstructured, open-ended, creative play. Every shumee toy is designed with care and hones a specific set of skills needed for the child at the particular developmental stage.
We're made in India with safe, natural materials by local artisans. And certified for child-safety by ASTM and EN71 international standards. 🤗
That's why our toys have already made it to dozens of preschools and learning spaces around India. Check out our catalogue below and if you'd like to place a bulk order or buy at wholesale prices, please email care@shumee.in.