Under the sea Baby Gym

Which brain is half the size of the human brain but contains twice as many neurons? A newborn’s. And in the first three months, the part that develops the most is the cerebellum – responsible for controlling movement.
The Under the Sea themed baby gym, made of 100% natural materials, is perfect for your infant to practice nascent motor skills with. Reaching out for toys stimulates your baby’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The movement of the toys and the contrasting bright colours stimulate the baby’s eyesight.
Hanging from the top bar are soft toys made of pure organic cotton. Other wooden toys and rings, coated with child-safe, water-based paint, can be put in the mouth without any worries. The baby gym also comes with a soft cotton playmat perfectly sized for your infant to move around in.
*self assembly required.
Age: 3 months+

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