Rivers and Rain Combo [Set of 2 books]

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Big Rain (English) Author : Gayathri Bashi

 Specifications: 28 pages

Illustrator : T R Rajesh

Sometimes, ‘lots and lots and lots of rain’ is frightening — when water comes into homes and washes everything away. Big Rain was written when the author tried to explain to her three-year-old how the devastating floods in Kerala had affected family and friends and so many, many others. It talks to children through very simple text and evocative visuals, ending with the important reminder that if you look after nature, nature will look after you. It enables conversations that can heal and empower.


Bumoni's Banana Trees (English) Author : Mita Bordoloi

Specifications: 28 pages

Illustrator : Tarique Aziz

Bumoni’s big backyard, just outside the Kaziranga National Park, is bursting with banana trees. But one night, a herd of wild elephants crosses the river, discovers the trees, and gorges on them… What will Bumoni’s family do now?





Rivers and Rain Combo [Set of 2 books]

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