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Monster Snap Cards


toys for 3 year old
toys for development of problem solving skillstoys for development of self expression skillstoys for development of fine motor skills
Product Description:
  • Have you ever captured Monsters? Here is your chance to capture the most monsters and win!A fun family game it can take as many players as you want. No teams needed. 52 cards in every pack. 13 monsters with four of each kind.
  • Spot matching monsters and cry 'snap' as fast as you can and they are all yours! The goal is to win over all the monsters.
  • Easy, fun game to carry on family trips, picnics and family parties. Great way to keep everyone engaged on a hot day, a cold day, a rainy day or any day.
  • Improves motor skills, dexterity and academic skills through play. Safe for every child.

Dimensions: 12 x 7.5 cm 

shumee made in india eco friendly free play toys

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