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Waldorf Star Doll - Soft Doll ( 3 months - 3 years old)


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Product Description:

A soft handmade Waldorf star doll that your child will love to cuddle and play with. Designed based on the Waldorf philosophy, this doll will nourish your child’s senses, tickle their imagination, and keep their head, heart, and fingers engaged in play!

Playing with this soft toy doll will teach them important emotional and social skills. It acts as a security item and as your child grows, it will help them be empathetic and express themselves better!

A star-shaped doll made with natural and child-safe materials. This soft doll for babies and toddlers is minimally designed with stripes and pastel colours to soothe your child and lend itself to their endless imagination! Comes in a box that can be used as a bed for the doll.

- This Waldorf Doll is the perfect snuggle buddy for a newborn. Let them hold it and enjoy the soft, natural feel against their skin.
- It can be a wonderful security blanket and comforting companion for your baby.
- Once your child is a few months old, they will enjoy the colors and stripes. Play peek-a-boo with it, move the doll from side to side, and use it to make fun sounds and talk to them!
- When your child starts to crawl, place the doll at a distance and encourage them to crawl towards it.
- Toddlers can use this Waldorf Doll for pretend play. This is a wonderful soft toy for kids as the neutral expression on the doll will help them connect with it and express themselves. Put the doll to sleep, or play house!
- Bonus — you can turn the doll’s box into a bed and add it to your child’s pretend play!

toys for sensory development

The pastel colors and rich stripes will stimulate your child’s visual skills. The soft, natural materials will provide tactile stimulation, soothe their senses, and calm them.


toys for building security

 Holding this soft toy and cuddling it will help your child feel safe and secure. Will help them develop empathy and skills of caring, nurturing, and understanding.


toys for developing self expression skill

 The minimal design will help them imagine different scenarios and express their own feelings in play.


toys for development of gross motor skills

Their arms and legs will become stronger as they try to crawl and reach the doll.


This toy is made from natural fibres and child-safe, eco-friendly colors. Certified and tested by ASTM and EN71 International standards.

Wash care: Hand-wash the doll with a mild soap and normal water. Rinse all the soap out. Squeeze out excess water, reshape the doll, and air dry.

Dimension: L- 28 cm *B- 26.5 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Shefa Batool
NPS score:
Likes: Product Quality, Unique design, Safe for kids/ Choice of materials

Waldorf Star Doll - Soft Doll ( 3 months - 3 years old)

Aryaa R
NPS score:
Likes: Unique design, Safe for kids/ Choice of materials

Waldorf Star Doll - Soft Doll ( 3 months - 3 years old)

Parul Malik
Engaging for little hands

Got this when our daughter was 3+months. She held it, learnt to negotiate movement, aimed it to her mouth and felt the fabric and knots in her gums. It has been easy to maintain. The only issue being it’s stitching falling apart in some places (like another toy we had got in this batch).

Munaf Kapadia

Waldorf Star Doll - Soft Doll ( 3 months - 3 years old)

Aishwarya G
Waldorf Star Doll - Soft Doll

Cute little doll, but costly.

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