Bored of the 52 cards deck? Unique card games your child will love

  • Sep 13, 2022
  • Bored of the 52 cards deck? Unique card games your child will love

    Wouldn't you agree that there are few things as universally enjoyed as card games? Whether you are travelling with children, hosting a Diwali party, or prepping for family game night, a pack of cards is sure to be a staple!

    After all, playing cards hones a child's cognitive and motor skills, makes room for device-free quality time, and is fun for toddlers and grandparents alike! 

    But perhaps, you're bored of the standard set of cards and common games like Solitaire, Old Maid, or Speed. Which is why we at shumee have been designing unique sets of cards that are both accessible for young children and enjoyable for adults.

    While coming up with each of these sets, we also brainstorm cool ideas for card games that kids would love. Read on to find out what some of these are!


    5 awesome card games for kids 


    From animal-themed Snap Cards to High Contrast Flashcards, shumee's collection of cards offers something special for every child. Listed below are some of our cards and games you can play with them. These games are not only enjoyable, but help children engage with cards in many ways. You can even tweak some games and play them with the sets you have at home!

    1. Snap Card Games

    Ever wondered why cards have to be all about Kings and Queens? We at shumee prefer adorable forest animals, cute sea creatures, and quirky monsters! Our themed Snap Cards come in the usual stack of 52 cards with 13 different types, making it perfect for traditional games and some cool new ones.

    1. Say Snap! - Deal the entire pack among the players. Keep your cards face down and throw them into an open pile by flipping them over. If you spot 2 consecutive cards of the same type, say snap and collect the pile. The player left with all the cards at the end wins the game. 

    2. Go Fish - Shuffle all the cards and throw them into a messy pile, face up. Call out one card and let all the players start fishing! Repeat until you finish the whole stack. The player with the most cards at the end, wins the game. This is sure to be a toddler favourite!

    What if you could use a card game to tell your child about the epic of the Ramayana? Check out our Ramayana Snap Cards to know more.

    3. Bluff - Deal the entire stack among the players. At their turn, each player must throw in a set of cards of a particular type into a face down pile. Since the pile is face down, you can bluff! But if any player calls your bluff, you have to take the whole pile. If they call a wrong bluff, they must take the pile. The player who finishes all their cards first wins. This classic game can take on a fun new twist while players call out '2 Monkeys' and '3 Tigers'! 

    2. Memory Card Games

    While most card games require you to focus and remember, memory cards up the ante! Our memory cards come in space, underwater, Little Krishna and more exciting themes with 9 pairs of characters each. 

    1. Memory - Shuffle the cards and place each of them face down in 3 rows. The aim of the game is to find pairs that match. Every player gets to flip over 2 cards at their turn. Make things more interesting by adding dice – roll the dice to decide how many turns a player gets on their chance.

    2. Write it down - Another way to enjoy a set of memory cards is to create a pattern, take a look at it for 30 seconds, and then flip the cards over and try and write down the pattern. Check and see who got everything right!

    3. Tell a story - shumee’s colourful, circular memory discs can also be great prompts to tell a story with! Create a tale as you pick different characters or act out scenarios roleplaying as the characters on the cards.

    Wondering how to tell a story with cards? Check out this video where we narrate some of Little Krishna's tales using our memory cards.

    3. Indiascape Card Games

    What if you could travel across India with a pack of cards? Our Indiascape pack has 150 cards with 5 for each Indian state, with state capitals, popular regional dishes, official state animals, and more. Some games we love playing with these cards are:

    1. State Search - The aim of the game is to collect all 4 cards of a state. Deal 5 cards to each player and place the remaining face down in a draw pile. The first player picks a card from the pile. They can either keep this card and discard one from their stack or place the card face up next to the draw pile. The next player can pick the discarded card or a new card from the draw pile. The first player to collect a state set of 4 cards wins the game! 

    You could even switch the game to Heritage Hunt and aim to collect 7 cards of a particular category.

    If you are looking for more exciting games to spruce up your family game night, this blog has 7 easy ideas that will help!

    2. Trivia - In shumee’s Indiascape pack, there is a trivia card for each state. Quiz each other on a state’s capital or regional dish, or give out clues and try to get the others to guess the state!

    4. Flashcard Games

    For babies and young toddlers who are just beginning to understand the world around them, nothing beats a set of gorgeously illustrated flashcards. From Black and White Flashcards to Educational Flashcards, there’s something perfect for every child in our range.

    1. Slap the card - Put down 2 flashcards and say the name of the colour, object, number or shape on one of them. Ask your little one to tap the right flashcard to identify it. You can use more flashcards for older kids and even make it an awesome competitive game – just remember to stress on tapping gently!

    2. Flashcard I Spy - Lay the cards across the floor and play a game of I Spy. This can be an excellent way for children to identify and associate colour, shape, and alphabets with different objects.

    3. Get matching - Lay out a set of flashcards with different illustrations alongside the objects drawn in them. Ask your child to match the right card and object. Add in more objects to make it a colour sorting game!

    5. FamJam Card Games

    If there’s one thing that's sure to be an instant hit with kids, it’s a Peppa Pig game! At shumee, we have a set of Peppa Pig FamJam cards, featuring Peppa, George, and all their friends! Ready to play?

    1. Find the fam - Lay down the FamJam cards like a set of memory cards. But instead of matching two same cards, try to match two family members! Psst… true Peppa fans will have an upper hand in this game!

    2. PEPPA out! - The aim of the game is to collect 2 cards of a kind. Deal a stack of 4 cards to each player and keep the rest aside. At their turn, each player must pick a card from the pile, which they can keep or discard. Once a player has collected 2 cards of a kind, it’s time to get silly – place a finger on your nose! Every player must follow and do the same silently. The last player to notice, gets a ‘P’. This goes on until each player gets a P.E.P.P.A. The last player left is the winner. This hilarious game can light up any party or game night! 



    Have more suggestions for card games? We’d love to hear them! Leave your favourite card games and how to play them in the comments below. 

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