Involve me and I learn! How Do-It-Yourself activities help build self esteem.

  • May 24, 2016
  • Involve me and I learn! How Do-It-Yourself activities help build self esteem.

    Benjamin Franklin had famously said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  That is the truth about DIY. When you involve kids and give them a hands-on experience they learn more and better.

    Kids learn better with DIY because unlike regular book learning and school work, it involves more than just the memory.

    It involves active participation.  You have to do-it-yourself as no one else will.

    It evokes imagination. You may have a blue print or design, but you have to understand how it will be finally.

    DIY evokes imagination

    It provides tactile stimulation.  When you colour, cut, glue and paste things your senses are taking in all those sensations.

    DIY provides tactile stimulation

    It improves gross motor skills. Whether you cut or you paste or hammer or tighten a bolt, your motor skills are improving with each action.

    It refines fine motor skills.  Getting it exactly right and in order tests and enhances fine motor skills.

    It improves concentration. Lack of concentration may ruin the project and so you learn to concentrate.

    It sharpens focus. Getting everything precisely may take time, but it also sharpens focus.

    It builds self-confidence and tells you that it is okay to make mistakes, and that you can do it over again till you get it as you want it.  

    It builds self-esteem when you complete a project yourself.

     DIY builds self esteem

    So DIY is not merely a way to keep children engaged in the vacation. It is a way to challenge their brains, enhance their skills and build confidence.

    Which DIY are you doing today?

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