It is the season to spring into action! Activities for an #unplugged spring time.

  • Feb 27, 2017
  • It is the season to spring into action! Activities for an #unplugged spring time.

    Have you shed the winter blues and donned on the spring greens? What do you do when the days get longer and there is more time to do things? Well, you begin anew!

    Spring is in the air and it is all about new beginnings! So how about a few new activities? A little spring celebration with colours and plants and all things springtime? 

    Join in on our #unplugged journey, with things your little ones can do to discover the delights that spring bring to all of us. 


    Plant anew!

    Spring is the time for growth and new beginnings. So get your little one to plant a few seeds and watch them sprout and grow, It can be as humble as a few coriander (dhaniya) or fenugreek (methi) seeds in a little tin or a pot with mud in it or you can go for a more ambitious kitchen garden, if time and space permit. You can also start a terrarium with different succulents and give it the pride of place in your living room. Just ensure that you remember to water the little magic garden regularly!

    plant a garden with toddlers this spring

    Splash some colour

    Need some interesting containers for the garden you plan to start? Just take some tins or old pots, ensure there is provision for drainage and let your child  splash some colour on. Old pots or new, they all need some upgrade and there is no better time than spring to do it. How about  printing some monsters on it? It will also engage the child's attention and they will have fun splashing colours. 

    Swat some too

    What goes bzzz, swing and splash? It is a new  idea buzzing around in your head  to paint with a fly swatter! Yes, you read that right, fly swatter. With spring in the sir, there are also pseky insects and we all have those little swatters ready. Instead of swatting flies away, get the kids to dab them in paint and create unique art. You can also use cauliflower stems to create trees and ladies fingers/ Okra to create little star patterns. Use unique objects and stretch the limits of creativity. How about forks to make tulips? 

     Press flowers and leaves

    Falling leaves and blooming flowers. Spring is all about contrasts and you can use all this to have some fun. Take dried leaves and make 3D art. Elephant ears and bunny tails, umbrellas and toadstools can all appear by magic of pasting the leaves and dried pressed flowers on to sheets or cardboard. Try and find as many shapes and see how you can create scenes out of them. Use shumee stamps sets to make it more interesting. 

    A fun activity with toddlers and spring


    pic credits- flickr


    Make scented Play-dough

    Everyday smells are so heavenly. have you noticed how green coriander is and how uplifting its smell? It is one of the best anti oxidants ever. Roll a little dough and cut some coriander into it for little green flecks. Add more to make green play dough. You can add boiled beetroot and give it another exciting flavour and colour.  Experiment with turmeric and other household everyday kitchen items. The best thing about it - it is safe even if kids put it in their mouths. 

    Nature walk

    Before it gets too warm to be out is a good time to spend the day drinking in natures's bounties. Watch a tree sprouting new leaves after giving up its old ones. Take in a flowering bush as it joyfully tosses  and turns in the breeze. Watch birds feed their little ones in a nest. Feed a few pigeons in an open area near your home. 

    Spring is all about new beginnings.  So go ahead and make some with your little one and nature. Make a little bird house from a discarded shoe. String a little bird feeder on a tree. The days may be getting longer, but it just means there is more room for fun.  Just enjoy all the sights and sounds of nature. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Happy spring time!

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