The best toys for toddlers are made from magic and love

  • Oct 25, 2017

    A toy made of dreams and stardust...

    Do you remember your favourite toy from childhood?

    Was it that rickety car that took you places no other vehicle ever could, that doll who ate and drank all you fed it without complaints and let you braid her hair till it fell out from all your creative hair styling, that rocking horse that you charged into the greatest adventures of your childhood on and faithfully kept you safe as you slayed the bad guys? For toddlers and young children, toys are more than just an object that keeps them busy. It is a tool that helps them navigate their childhood, explore new worlds safely and discover what makes them happy.

    So how are toys made and who makes them? At Shumee, we obsess over toys and the best interests of every toddler and child. Like all artistic processes ( yes, we are artists too) getting a toy the way we want it to be, is a rigorous process. It starts with the germ of an idea and has to be nurtured to fruition.

    We play with design and break it up into parts. We work on some parts and let others be. Sometimes we change everything all over again to ensure it is the best we can do. We breathe life into the toy and imagine what it must feel like to a toddler, a pre-schooler or a tween

    A toy brings greater joy than the sum of its parts!  

    We test it for sturdiness, safety, and several other parameters so that your little one can get the best possible version of the toy and is the most fun for your toddlers and pre-schoolers at playtime.


    Dusting it with magic for every child!

    We consult experts to ensure it is developmentally fine and will contribute to the growth of every child. We listen to our little customers and try and give them what they want. So at times, the wooden toy gets an entirely new look.

     Making it smoother and safer.


    When it is ready, we give it beautiful colours and dust it with magic so that every toddler and a young child who gets one is happy with it. Oh and during all this, we also make sure our toys are made in an eco-friendly way and are as green as possible.

     Colourful parts waiting to be assembled. 

    So when your child gets a shumee toy made from the best materials and stardust, they get the magic that comes with it, which helps them grow, keeps them safe and takes them on a magical childhood journey.

    When you finally get to play with it! 


    Try one today and experience it for yourself!

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