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Educational Toys for Preschoolers | Preschool Learning Toys - Shumee

Activity Triangle


   Product Description: A five-sided wooden Shumee Activity Triangle that promises hours of fun for toddlers as they explore the alphabet, numbers, patterns, and more.  What will I get?  Five-sided wooden triangle with letters and pictures on one side. Abacus with brightly coloured beads on the second side.  Clock with...
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Butterfly Balance Board


Product Description: Watch and marvel at your child’s balance and coordination on this adorable butterfly balance board. What will I get? A brightly coloured kids balance board; made with sturdy wood.  Colored with safe, water based paints. safe and eco-friendly option for your kids. How to play? Balance and rock...
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ninjaKi - a balancing game


  Product Description:NinjaKi is a delightful educational balance game that hones mental and physical agility. This game tests your ability to skillfully balance agile wooden ninjas atop one another to form a tower! What will I get?- 7 colourful wooden ninjas in unique poses.- A set of special NinjaKi cards.-...
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Pirates vs Royals Wooden Chess Set


Product Description:Traditional chess gets a quirky, colourful update! Royals and Pirates battle it out for treasure as the young and old learn strategy, problem solving or just act out a fantasy of pirates and princes.What I get: A fully functional chess set with unique pieces that will encourage your child...
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Farm Snap Card Game


Product Description:Snap and collect as many matching animal pairs as you can to win this very popular family game!ay this game. What will I get? 52 cards in the pack with 13 different cards with farm images. How to play:Collect as many pairs of animals as you can! The person...
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Shumee Thirsty Crow Board Game

₹1,899 ₹1,804

Product Description: Thirsty Crow' is a board game inspired by the Aesop fable 'The Crow & the Pitcher' a story that Indian kids grow up hearing. The game weaves together this popular story about resourcefulness with moves designed to sharpen strategic thinking and elements of chance. As a tribute to...
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Forest Friends Wooden Stamps Set


Product Description:Let your child visit the jungle whenever they like! The Forest friends stamp setmade of wood for toddlers and preschoolers helps create a jungle of their own. What I get: A beautifully handcrafted set of six blocks with jungle creature friends for fun and self-expression 1 bottle of coloured...
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Globetrotter Twistees


Product Description: The world is their oyster as your child travels around the world with the globetrotter twistees. Eskimos, Spaniards, Japanese and Native Americans. The colourful clothes and costumes can be interchanged with one another with just a twist of the head. What I will get: A set of four...
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Mini Bowling Pins Set

₹945 ₹897

  Product Description: 1-2-3 bowl them down! This adorable classic game gets a modern-day wooden makeover!  What will I get?  6 wooden bowling pins 1 wooden ball Small bag to store the pins in How to play? Stack them up and roll as many pins as you can down! This...
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Li'l Chef Complete Cooking Set


Product Description: Perfect miniature cooking set for your perfect little chef! A toy cooking set for kids that mimics the kitchen. Bright and colourful, wood-carved. Finely crafted pot and pan with a lid, plate, bowl, spoon, ladle, a perfectly crafted cooktop and fruits and vegetables can be used as teaching props...
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DIY Maker Set with Tools

₹3,995 ₹3,795

  Product Description: A child’s first do-it-yourself project just became better! Shumee maker set is the perfect DIY educational construction toy for your little one. Encourages creative and open-ended play. Now you can make tables, chairs, a doll bed or use it like a stool or even a storage space. Get...
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Shape Sorting Clock


Product Description: A puzzle, a clock to tell time by and a shape categorizer all in one. Shape sorting clock is easy to carry & is made of wood that consists of moving hands and numbered grooves for specific shapes. A great travel companion for your toddler. Sensory, tactile and sight...
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Clock 3D Jigsaw Puzzle


Colourful and bright, 17 pieces 3D toy clock for toddlers, complete with an hour and minute hands. Learn to tell time, use as time-keeper or display fully assembled to brighten up any room. 1+ inch thick wooden pieces enable the toy clock to stand upon assembly. Assembly stimulates mental ability...
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Wooden Vehicles- Set of 3


Wooden Vehicles- Set of 3 is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Product Description: Calling all toddlers, pre-schoolers and young ones to travel in style with a helicopter, a race car or a boat. Enjoy the seesaw motion of the cute boat to imitate being among the waves, turn the propeller blades to soar with the helicopter or watch the car zoom...
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Fruit Wooden Lacing Set (2 pcs)


Product Description:This fruit-themed stringing and threading toy is the perfect way to introduce your little one to a needle and thread set! It is simple, portable, and is sure to hold their attention for hours. What will I get?- A set of 2 colorful wooden fruits shaped like a pineapple...
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Cactus Toss A Ring Game

₹1,745 ₹1,483

  Product Description:An easy and super fun tossing game that your little one is sure to love! This makes a great party game and can also be enjoyed alone. What will I get?Each set contains six rings and a branched wooden cactus to gather the rings. How to use?Toss a...
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Lil Chef's Wooden Cooking Set


Product Description: Perfect pretend play miniature cooking set for your perfect little chef! A wooden toy kitchen set that mimics the kitchen. Bright and colourful. Finely crafted pot and pan with a lid, plate and bowl, spoon, ladle, and fruits and vegetables can be used as teaching props for nutrition...
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Snazzle - The Rainbow Snail Puzzle


Product Description:This rainbow-like colourful snail speeds up learning and development as your child plays with the pieces What will I get?26 colourful wooden puzzle pieces that come together to form an adorable colourful snail with lettersand numbers on the sides.What will my child be learning? Problem solving: Jigsaw puzzles teach spatial...
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Tell-me-a-Story Cubes


Product Description: Tell a story with the help of just 4 stacking cubes toy that helps you build a story of “Who, what, when and where” with your own personal twist. Kids can tell their everyday stories or keep building one long one and keep track in the accompanying notebook....
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Under-the-Sea Wooden Stamps Set


Product Description:Let your child’s imagination dive into the world of the turtles, the Sea-anemone,the Star-fish, the Whale and the striped fish as they handle the beautifullyhandcrafted blocks that will enhance fine motor skills, stimulate curiosity andspark the imagination and create art.What I get: Five cute sea creature stamps, hand-carved on...
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Storage Bin - Furso

₹875 ₹787

Product Description:Let this cleaning monster take care of your storage woes! If your everyday needs are running away from you, this bin could help. It can hold almost anything from books to toys to clothes and more! What will I get?A canvas storage bin with a hardwood lining that is...
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Treasure Trove Bag - Dog


Product Description: Cute dog printed drawstring bag to help your little one carry things around. Strong cotton canvas beautifully illustrated for little ones with their favorite friend emblazoned on them. Now your little one has just the prefect size toy bag to put all of his/her favorite things in. Let...
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Treasure Trove Bag - Duck


Product Description: Cute duck printed drawstring bag to help your little one carry things around. Strong cotton canvas beautifully illustrated for little ones with their favorite friend emblazoned on them. Now your little one has just the prefect size toy bag to put all of his/her favorite things in. Let...
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Wooden Tic Tac Toe (Dessert themed)


  Product Description: Hungry for more on the go? Try this fun travel tic tac toe game in a cute new flavour! With Donut and Cupcake coins, you will always want more. What I get: A lightweight sturdy double sided board tic tac toe board to hold coins in place,...
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DIY Wooden Modular Playhouse


Product description:A colorful DIY wooden playhouse that your child can put together in endless different ways. This gender-neutral toy is the perfect combination of building and pretend play, giving your child a chance to get creative and indulge their imagination for hours! What will I get? 12 safe wooden pieces...
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Wooden Multishape Chalk-o-Blocks Set


Product Description:A bright and colorful wooden block set with a chalkable surface that your little one is sure to love! This toy is perfect to sharpen their cognitive skills and to help them get creative with. What will I get?- Twenty-five multi-shaped blocks in different colors that your child can...
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Educational Four Puzzle Combo

₹2,380 ₹2,261

This product is sold out

Product Description:A simple and fun combo of 4 puzzle sets of vehicles, fruits, animals, and farm life. Perfect to get your little one started on a lifelong journey of loving puzzles! What will I get?Animal Alpha Puzzle: A wildlife park-themed alphabet puzzle with 26 large, easy to handle pieces made from...
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Ice Cream Magnetic Set


Ice Cream Magnetic Set is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

   Product Description: Cool pretend play ice-cream set for children to have unlimited fun with. One cone, one cup, one bar and one lolly. Mix and match flavors, cones and toppings. Now kids can enjoy ice cream whether it is hot or cool outside. Magnets on both sides of...
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Starry Castle and Fantasy Characters Wooden Blocks


Product Description: Set the stage for a magical world of princesses, unicorns and dragons with this gorgeous set of wooden blocks. These castle and fantasy character blocks are the perfect toy to stoke your child’s imagination with hours of pretend play! What will I get? 22 smooth, well-rounded wooden castle...
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JobSet Playing cards


Product Description: From doctors to magicians and astronauts, let your children explore and learnabout real-life professions as they play and have fun with these Job-set cards. What I will get:  36 colourful cards with different professions depicted. 4 cards with different images related to each of the 9 professions in...
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Bozo Boxes - Box of Play for Preschoolers


Curated toys for early development Preschoolers are unique little personalities! This is the time to introduce them to a variety of themes and objects to see what captures their interest. Each shumee Box of Play is designed to do just this. Helps build age-appropriate skills These toys are mostly open-ended,...
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Wooden Dessert Set (15 pcs)


Product Description: Indulge in desserts every day, in every way through play. These lovely desserts will your little tooth safe, but will make your little ones more curious, imaginative and playful. Cookies, cake, candles, and plates make this lovely wooden toy dessert set perfect for a pretend play birthday party....
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Looking for educational toys for preschoolers? You have come to the right place! Shumee takes pride in creating innovative preschool learning toys that are 100% safe, free from toxic paints, plastics, batteries and anything unhealthy for your pampered princes and princesses. "Preschoolers " is a broad term that refers to kids of age 4 or 5 years old and above. It is the age when children usually start going to preschool, and hence the term. This age is very critical for learning basic skills and concepts, and educational toys for preschoolers play a decisive role in making the learning fun and enjoyable. So go ahead, explore our collection of preschool learning toys and have some fun for yourselves too! :-)