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Before you send your toddler out in the world to school, let them explore it with you and through their wooden toys. Help them find a balance with the wooden balance bike as they develop into rock-stars on the rainbow board.

Let them fit puzzles together or puzzle out the fruit seller balance toy. From the jungle croquet set to the kitchen apron and mitts, help them prepare for their place in the big big world. From number friends to sea creatures that leave a stamp on all they touch, all the educational toys for 3 year old and other pre schoolers are more fun than ever. From the DIY chair to the truck that carries wooden logs, to engines and airplanes that come apart and fit back together, there are many wonderful toys for every child.

Crafted with love so that the pre-schooler is ready to take on the world. made from child safe, natural materials. Ensure that these sturdy wooden toys are a part of your child's growth.