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Celebrate the hues of life!! A safe and happy holi! – Shumee
Celebrate the hues of life!! A safe and happy holi!

Are your munchkins counting the days to talk red, yellow blue and all other colours of the rainbow? Holi is just around the corner and so is the excitement. From the littlest munchkins to the oldest teens, everyone will want a piece of the action. Must haves range from latest pichkari in the market, to plotting the best way to burst those water balloons and exacting revenge for last year’s dunking.

Now that you have the entire arsenal they demand, you can arm them with some safety tips as well. Here is how to keep them safe.

Out of sight and you’ll mind: Adult supervision is non-negotiable. Large containers of water and little children are a dangerous mix. So be present at all times. Little toddlers can slip, fall and  hurt themselves.

Non-toxic is the way to go: Today there are several non toxic and eco-friendly options. Even better, have twice the fun making some of your own with materials from your own kitchen. This is especially important if you have a little moppet who could swallow a thing or two by accident.

Pichkaari etiquette: Water jets can hurt. Faces, mouths, eyes and ears are a no-no. Teach your child to use his/ her pichkaari without hurting anyone. Keep the big ones away from your little ones.

No mouthfuls: Not all colours are created equal and some are certainly more harmful than others. Synthetic colours, powder or gel-based alike, contain a number of harmful chemicals, when ingested they could cause severe reactions and even poisoning.

The eyes have it: If colours enter your child’s eye, wash the eye with plenty of water. Do not to rub the eye. If your child experiences any change in vision, pain or excessive redness of the eyes, visit the doctor. The little toddlers are especially prone to rub their eyes. So beware.

Wardrobe essentials: The holi dress code is simple- old clothes that cover everything. Just make sure you protect sensitive skin.

Well-oiled preparation: Remember how it was? Apply oil or cream all over the body and hair to prevent the colours from hurting the skin. This will help protect the skin and hair from the harmful effects of the colours.

The ritual bath: Sigh! Remember that merciless scrubbing you endured later? Use turmeric and besan to remove the colours from your child’s skin. Avoid using soap, as it might be harsh on the skin especially for little ones who have already had a rough day.

Be prepared: Keep a list of emergency contacts ready, including those of your paediatrician.

The feast for all: No festival is complete without food. So go ahead and enjoy the goodies. Share some with the neighbours as well!

On a special note, while most rules apply to all, toddlers are especially susceptible. Celebrate the hues of life and the festival! Happy Holi!!

March 11, 2017 — Shumee Toys

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