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Wooden Fruit Lacing & Threading Set (3-6 years)


Product Description:This fruit-themed stringing and threading toy is the perfect way to introduce your little one to a needle and thread set! It is simple, portable, and is sure to hold their attention for hours. What will I get?- A set of 2 colorful wooden fruits shaped like a pineapple...
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Farm Lacing Wooden Blocks


Product Description: ‘Moo Moo’ followed by an ‘Oink oink’, or a ‘neigh neigh’ and more.  A farm animal wooden toy blocks for kids set that lets tiny hands create their own patterns as they learn about farms, animals, the environment and more.  What will I get? Ten beautifully crafted farm...
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Sea Wooden Lacing Set (2 pcs)


Product Description:A fish and an oyster block set that lets tiny hands create their own patterns as they learn about the sea, develop their fine motor skills and stimulate visual development. What will I get? Two beautifully crafted sea shape blocks that are just the right size for little toddler...
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Lace and Make Safari Animals


Product Description: Let tiny hands lace different parts together to make adorable wooden animals. They can make a lion, elephant, moose, koala, or a whole new animal of their own imagination! What will I get?  17 handcrafted wooden pieces for the animals' face, head, and bodies. These have holes through...
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Jungle Pegging/Lacing Toy


 Product Description: Meet a bear in the jungle or the little girl in her garden. Mix and match both themes. Peg it, thread it or just play with it! Try something completely new! An innovative way to tell new tales. What will I get? 10 beautifully handcrafted unique little blocks...
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Lace and Stamp Combo


Have a budding little creative one at home? Then this combo of animal lacing toys and Peppa pig stamps and stickers is an absolute must have! Let your toddler lace together an elephant, a lion, a moose, or a koala or create a new animal of their choice. They can...
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Shop for lacing toys for kids online at shumee Lacing is one activity that all kids are drawn to at some point along their developmental journey. For an adult, a lacing toy for kids may look too simple and uninteresting. All you have to do is put a string through some beads, right? So why do toddlers and preschoolers love lacing and threading toys so much? The answer lies in observing a child while they are at play with a lacing toy. For example, if they are playing with a wooden lacing toy, a toddler has to hold the thread in one hand and the wooden bead in the other and coordinate both together. This requires a good pincer grasp, solid hand-eye coordination and bilateral coordination, and well-tuned fine motor skills. In short, there’s a lot happening when a child is lacing! Get your child the right lacing or threading toy and watch as they stay occupied in play for a long time! If you are wondering how to figure out the perfect lacing toy for your child, we’d love to help.

Latest lacing toys for toddlers & preschoolers Who says lacing has to be restricted to a bunch of colourful beads and a thin, regular thread? We at shumee love to put exciting spins on classic toys and that shows in our range of wooden lacing toys for toddlers and preschoolers. We have sets of themed wooden lacing boards for kids. These include a Sea Lacing Board and a Fruits Lacing Board, either of which a toddler is sure to love! If your child is in a farm animal phase, we have a set of < a href="https://www.shumee.in/products/farm-lacing-wooden-blocks">Farm Lacing Wooden Blocks which will be perfect for them. We also have a stacking and lacing jungle-themed toy, two skills that perfectly complement each other. For slightly older toddlers and preschoolers, we have a super fun lacing activity called Lace and Make Safari Animals. With this toy, they can lace together a lion, a moose, an elephant, or a koala. They can even make their own animal by lacing together parts of different animals!

How do I know which lacing toy is perfect for my child? The right lacing toy for your child depends on how old they are, what skills they are currently comfortable with, and which ones they are on their way to learning. A lacing toy for a 2-year-old may have a thick thread and beads with larger holes. Whereas, a lacing toy for a 4-year-old may have smaller beads and a thinner thread. A preschooler may also enjoy a themed lacing toy. As your child grows older, lacing will help them with activities such as tying their shoelaces or even sewing! So lacing toys for kids is not only a great way to develop fine motor and visual skills, but will also help with life skills as they grow.

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