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Shop online for wooden pull along toys for kids Have you seen a child playing with a pull along toy and wondered what the big deal about these toys are? They may seem simple to an adult, but a solid wooden pull along toy offers a growing child so much. At about 16 months, your child will begin to experiment with pulling. While they may only have been pushing until that point, they will suddenly realize that pulling an object towards themselves is also a possibility! This is where pull along toys for kids come in. A pull along toy will hone your child’s finger and arm strength as they hold the string and drag it along. It will also encourage them to walk and to try walking at different speeds. These toys will help them balance and develop visual coordination too. While a pull along toy made of plastic may be one weight, a wooden pull along toy will be a whole other weight. The differences in these toys will also teach your child basic scientific concepts about how objects of different sizes and weights move. Being able to navigate hurdles and pull their toy from one room to the next will give your child a sense of accomplishment and help sharpen their problem solving abilities.

Different types of pull along toys for babies, toddlers & preschoolers Pull along toys don’t just have to be of one kind! Today, there is a fantastic variety of natural and safe pull along toys for your child to choose from. You have the classic animal pull along toys! At shumee, we have Bruno the dog, Haley the hippo, and Zeebo the zebra that are wooden pull along toys designed in adorable shapes and painted in beautiful, soothing pastel shades. Let your child take these animals around the house with them as they learn to walk. Pull along toys like our Musical Trucks and Jungle Toy Train Set are additionally designed for shape sorting , stacking, and pretend play! Your toddler will love to take their favourite characters on a different journey each day. Another favourite at shumee is the Numbers and Shapes Blocks Buggy. This pull along toy not only encourages your child to keep moving but is also perfect to learn numbers, counting, and all the basic shapes.

Why shop for pull along toys at shumee? As you can see, pull along toys are not just for 1-year-olds, but can be wonderful toys for toddlers across ages. Apart from their versatility, we love that these toys have absolutely no requirement of flashy plastic or complicated battery functions! Which is why they fit perfectly into our mission of creating sustainable and eco-friendly toys for kids. Our toys are made of safe and sturdy wood, painted with natural colours, and are 100% child-safe. Our collection of wooden pull along toys will be an instant hit with your child and is a great choice for the environment too!

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