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Akbar and the Tricky Traitor - by Natasha Sharma


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The mighty Mughal emperor Akbar is angry. Someone is leaking secrets of his court to his enemies. What's worse, his enemies are now laughing at Akbar. Who can help the emperor solve this mystery?   Mysteries you'll never find in history books Age : 6+ years
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Squiggle Gets Stuck - By Natasha Sharma


Squiggle’s stuck! She’s fallen into a dictionary and can’t escape. The only way out is to create a grammatically correct sentence and use it to jump off the page. She’s even got to rescue a very mixed-up character called Doodle Dude while helping him learn about verbs, nouns, prepositions and...
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Squiggle Takes a Walk - By Natasha Sharma


Squiggle is confused. She doesn’t know quite what she is! So she sets off through the pages of a notebook in search of answers. Is she a comma or colon? A question mark? Surely not an exclamation! Splash, run, bump, trip and swing with her until she finds her own...
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Icky Yucky Mucky - by Natasha Sharma


Maharaja Icky is quite the most disgusting King you’ll ever have the misfortune to meet. The ruler of the kingdom of Icktapur regales all with his utterly vile table manners. While he sits licking curry from hand to elbow and juggling rosogullas, his beloved nail-nibbling queen Maharani Yucky, joins him....
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Bonkers! - by Natasha Sharma


Armaan's new dog Bonkers is insane: he chews Armaan's spectacles, eats up his favourite shoe and gets him into deep trouble with the school bully, TT. Between mopping, toilet training Bonkers and escaping from TT, Armaan's life has become impossible ... will it ever get back to normal? Age :...
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Razia and the Pesky Presents - by Natasha Sharma


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Razia Sultan, the dynamic ruler of Dihli, is enraged. Someone is sending her pesky presents--girly dresses and soppy poems on sultanas. What’s worse, they come with notes challenging her right to rule, as a woman. Who can help the sultan solve this mystery? Age : 6+ year
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Dr. Natasha Sharma is considered one of India’s best authors for children’s book. Her books, such as Icky, Yucky, Mucky and Kaka and Munni, have been performed at festivals and events across the country. Besides an author, she's also an an Entrepreneur, Author, TEDx Speaker, and one of TV's most popular experts in Emotional Fitness.

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