Wooden Twist & Turn Farm Animal Toys (2-5 years)


Product Description: New spin to familiar animal friends to make completely new animals! Mix and unmatch. The heads and the bodies (and sometimes the tails) of these animal toys can be separated and fixed back together in any way your child sees fit. Let your child’s curiosity about the natural...
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Globetrotter Twistees


Product Description: The world is their oyster as your child travels around the world with the globetrotter twistees. Eskimos, Spaniards, Japanese and Native Americans. The colourful clothes and costumes can be interchanged with one another with just a twist of the head. What will I get? A set of four...
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Wooden Spin Tops


Product Description: A timeless classic! Crafted by loving hands, this 'Made in India' classic 'Spin top' is available in bright and beautiful colors. An ageless toy, you too can spin for fun. Enjoy a spinning competition or just race against each other. The wonder of a spin top invokes curiosity...
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Wobbly Penguin - Roly Poly Toys for (1-3 years)


Product Description: Wobbly Penguin roly poly toy for baby, in a black suit, that teaches your baby about balance and evokes curiosity as it provides hours of entertainment. What I get: A penguin that wobbles all the way from the Arctic and rolls but never falls down no matter how...
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 Wobbly Hippo - Roly Poly Toys for (1-3 years)


Product Description: Roly poly toy hippo that teaches your baby about balance and evokes curiosity as it provides hours of entertainment. What I get: The cutest colourful little hippo that wobbles and rolls but never falls down no matter how often it is pushed.  How to play? Keep it at...
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Transporter Truck


Product Description:Vroom vroom! This handcrafted transport truck set is a wonderful toy for your child to add to their vehicle collection! It is small and portable, with easy grip for little exploring hands. What will I get?- A pastel green truck with a detachable trailer that has smooth wooden pegs...
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Peppa and Friends Musical Truck


Product Description: A charming pull along wooden shape sorting toy truck with a Xylophone that enhances multi-skill development and makes learning fun for your toddler and preschooler. Handcrafted in child safe materials. Colourful and sturdy, keeps your child engaged for hours of fun. What do I get?  A set of...
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 Zeebo Wooden Pull-along Toy for (1-3 years)


Product Description:An adorable zebra pull-along toy that your little one can take along with them on their adventures! What will I get?A brightly colored zebra with wooden wheels attached to a strong thread. Your child can easily roll the toy fast in any direction they wish! How to use?Zeebo is...
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Number and Shapes Block Buggy


Product Description: Pull along a buggy full of learning! Watch as your child has hours of fun exploring colours, shapes and numbers. What will I get:  25 wooden number blocks for kids of different shapes. 10 square blocks, 5 blocks each of triangle, heart and round shape. Child-safe wooden needle...
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Haley Wooden Pull Along Toy


Product Description: Hip, hip Hippo!! Haley the wooden push and pull along toy for kids is here with a little spinning birdie with oodles of learning and fun for your little one! A must-have toy in your newborn essentials collection.  What will I get? A cute purple hippo wooden toy...
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Jungle Toy Train Set


Product Description: Choo Choo goes the wooden jungle toy train set for toddlers! Join Leo, Bozo and Mello pegs on a fun pull-along train ride that sparks imagination and enhances motor skills. What will I get? One beautifully crafted engine connected to two carriages with multicolored wheels all on a...
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Musical Animal Wooden Toy Truck for 2-4 years old


Product Description: Make some noise and pull along a truck full of animals! This collection of classic toys will be your child's new favorite!  What will I get?  A beautifully crafted wooden truck with pull along feature. Attached xylophone on the roof of the truck with two mallets to give...
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High Contrast Crochet and Wooden Rattles for Babies (0-2 years)


  Product Description: A set of 2 black and white crochet rattles that make the perfect first toys for your baby! These rattles will stimulate their desire to explore their developing senses and help hone cognitive and motor skills. They also make soothing sounds and your baby is sure to...
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