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Wooden Shape and Number House Toy for 1-3 years old


Product Description: Shapes, numbers and so much colour – all built into this tiny little play house! What will I get?  Toolbox shape toys house with six panels Three wooden bars and screws Nine wooden pieces 0-9 numeral pieces How to play?  Build the house and drop the shapes and...
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Animal Habitat Activity Cube


Product Description:Gear up to swim, float, run, climb, and make your way through the natural world! This Animal habitat activity cube is a five-sided wooden toy with a host of different activities for toddlers and preschoolers. What will I get?A wooden activity cube with a different, fun game on each...
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Musical Animal Wooden Toy Truck for 2-4 years old

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Product Description: Make some noise and pull along a truck full of animals! This collection of classic toys will be your child's new favorite!  What will I get?  A beautifully crafted wooden truck with pull along feature. Attached xylophone on the roof of the truck with two mallets to give...
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Shape Sorting Clock


Product Description: A puzzle, a clock to tell time by and a shape categorizer all in one. Shape sorting clock is easy to carry & is made of wood that consists of moving hands and numbered grooves for specific shapes. A great travel companion for your toddler. Sensory, tactile and sight...
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Number and Shapes Block Buggy


Product Description: Pull along a buggy full of learning! Watch as your child has hours of fun exploring colours, shapes and numbers. What will I get:  25 wooden number blocks for kids of different shapes. 10 square blocks, 5 blocks each of triangle, heart and round shape. Child-safe wooden needle...
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Under the Sea Shape Puzzle Set


Product Description:Get to know your underwater friends with this sea life themed sorting board! This board is an easy and fun way to learn shapes, colors and animal names as you play. What will I get: 5 smooth and colorful blocks to play with The blocks come with brightly  illustrated...
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Shape Sorter Puzzle Boards (set of 3)


  Product Description: Is it a puzzle? Is it a block? Its a shape sorter!! Lightweight, easy-to-carry set of 3 puzzle boards and 15 wooden blocks that fuel imagination and creativity. Shumee shape sorters make a great gift or travel companion. This wooden shape sorter toy comes with three puzzle boards to fit...
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Shop for wooden shapes sorting toys online at shumee One of the most useful toys for children to play with is sorting toys. Sorting toys for kids are not only a whole lot of fun, but they also teach them about shapes, colours, and improve several other cognitive and motor skills. Sorting toys and other such shape activities will develop a toddler’s sense of spatial awareness as they match the right shapes and place them in their accurate slots. These are also fantastic fine motor exercises as picking up these pieces and placing them in precise spots requires a good grasp, finger strength, and hand-eye coordination. Shape sorting activities are also great to teach kids how to concentrate for longer periods of time. At shumee, we have a lovely collection of sorting activities and games for your child to pick from and enjoy! Latest sorting toys for toddler and preschoolers Shape sorting activities and games do not have to just be about placing a block into the right hole. Our shape sorting games are designed to spark your child’s interest and pique their curiosity in a number of different ways! With our Shape Sorting Clock, you can introduce your child to the concept of time and explain how they can use the movable hands to read time. Our Shape and Number House is perfect to teach them numbers and it also doubles as an awesome house to pretend play with! Our Under the Sea Shapes Puzzle Set can be used to trace shapes and draw around and our Musical Animal Truck is a great pull along toy. The winner, however, might be our Animal Habitat Activity Cube. Apart from a sorting game for toddlers, this toy has four other games that your child can enjoy, all the while learning about their favourite animals! Why buy sorting toys for your child from Shumee? At shumee, all our toys are open-ended and designed for free play. This means that we are one of the best online toy stores in India if you are looking to buy shape activities for toddlers or preschoolers that engage them in multiple ways. Our toys are built to tickle your child’s mind in several ways which will keep them exploring and engaged for hours. Our wooden shape activities are also eco-friendly and 100% child-safe. All our toys are tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international standards, making shumee a reliable stop for buying toys for kids online.

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