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Wooden Pirate Rattle for Babies - Safe, Made In India toys – Shumee

Wooden Pirate Rattle for Babies


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Product Description:
A handcrafted baby rattle designed to look like a cute patched-eye pirate! The bright red and white colors and fun shape could make this classic wooden rattle one of your baby’s favorite toys.

What will I get?
- An organic wooden rattle with a smooth surface that is safe for teething gums and tiny clutching hands. The two wooden rings jangle around the rattle making gentle sounds that your baby will enjoy.
- The rattle is painted as a pirate toy for your baby to play with.

How to play?  

For newborns, hold the rattle close to them and shake it. They will try to follow the sound. This will help with their sensory (sound and visual) development. When they are a few months old and have a stronger grip, encourage them to hold and shake the rattle on their own. This rattle is light enough for babies to hold and is painted with non-toxic colours, making it safe for them to play with and put into their mouths.

What will my child learn?

The baby’s sense of hearing sharpens as they identify and respond to the sound of the rattle. Their vision improves as they observe the colors and patterns on it. Their sense of touch is enhanced through tactile stimulation.


The baby’s fine motor skills and grasp reflex improves as they learn to hold the rattle.


The sounds and patterns will engage the baby’s attention and invoke curiosity.



Dimensions: 16cm x 4.5cm

What is it made up of?
This eco-friendly rattle is handcrafted from ivory wood and painted with natural, non-toxic, water-based dyes. Tested and Certified by ASTM International toys Standards.

Shumee's USP:

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We’re putting safety first!

We’ve put in place every precaution to ensure that toys are packed and shipped in a safe, hygienic environment. We are:

> sanitizing our office & warehouse premises frequently.

> minimizing direct human contact while packing our toys.

> using hand sanitizers and protective masks while handling orders.

> monitoring our staff and giving self-quarantine time off to anyone with symptoms.

Learn more about our measures here.

Customer Reviews

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It's so good 🤩!!
Great Product

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