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Shape Sorter Puzzle Boards (set of 3)


  Product Description: Is it a puzzle? Is it a block? Its a shape sorter!! Lightweight, easy-to-carry set of 3 puzzle boards and 15 wooden blocks that fuel imagination and creativity. Shumee shape sorters make a great gift or travel companion. This wooden shape sorter toy comes with three puzzle boards to fit...
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Dino Mosaic Puzzle

₹825 ₹618

  Product Description: Get this toy at  10% Off for Rs. 742 only. Use code SHOP10 during checkout. Hurry, Limited Period offer! A dinosaur that can change colours! Get a Dino from shumee and make your own patterns on a wooden dinosaur back! Keep your munchkin engaged for hours with...
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Learn Fractions Building Blocks


  Product Description: Build a city or just do your math with these blocks or do a little of both. The Fraction blocks have tall skyscrapers and small little buildings, all with windows that are multiples of each other. The tallest skyscraper has 12 windows while the next in size...
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Farm puzzle


Product Description: Bright colourful, lightweight jigsaw farm puzzle perfectly introduces your toddler to the joy of solving puzzles, while teaching about life on the farm. Each piece fits together to form a scene complete with various farm animals, a farmer and his wheelbarrow. Easy to carry. Go grazing with the...
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Monsters floor puzzle


Product Description: Our largest floor puzzle with 10 different monsters to teach you counting, colours and more and keep your little one engaged for hours. Colorful and light, it will draw little ones over and over again as they learn something new every time. Assembly stimulates mental ability and fine...
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Elephant Family 3D Jigsaw Puzzle


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Product Description: Make room for the cutest elephant herd! Cute 6-piece, 3-D elephant puzzle. Elephant family puzzle hugs each other as they stand upright upon assembly. 1+ inch thick wooden puzzle that will delight every young one. Easy to hold and handle for little fingers, assembly stimulates mental ability and fine...
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Quack-a-Duck mosaic puzzle

₹825 ₹618

  Product Description: A quack, quack here and a quack quack there. The wooden jigsaw puzzle that will keep your munchkin engaged for hours. With 36 multi-colored pieces which create vibrant mosaic patterns. You can create a duck that can be exactly how you want it to be or just...
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Animal Alpha Puzzle


Product Description: Wildlife park theme alphabet floor puzzle with large, easy to handle pieces made from light- weight cardboard. Bright colors and unusual animals will make kids of all ages curious. Teach toddlers and young children about horns, stripes and spots, hippos, feathers and foxes as they learn spatial and...
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Aeroplane 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

₹850 ₹680

Product Description: Colourful 8 piece 3D aeroplane jigsaw puzzle. Make an aeroplane or take it apart. Stand it up or lay it down. 1+ inch thick wooden pieces enable the aeroplane to stand once assembled. Assembly stimulates mental ability and fine motor skills. Pretend play to stimulate creativity and imagination....
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Fruit puzzle - set of 6 puzzles


Product Description: Make a Fruit salad! Put together 2 oranges or take apart 1 pineapple. This simple, lightweight jigsaw puzzle perfectly introduces your toddler to the joy of solving puzzles, while teaching numbers and about fruits. Each piece fits together to form set of luscious fruits Count the bananas or...
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Vehicle puzzle - set of 6 puzzles


Product Description: Travel adventures puzzle! Introduce your toddlers and pre-schoolers to travel and the adventures within. This simple, lightweight jigsaw vehicle puzzle perfectly introduces your toddler to the joy of solving puzzles, while their imaginations travel through space, air and water. Space ships compete with hot air balloons and fast...
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