Wobbly Santa- Roly Poly Holiday Toy


Product Description:An adorable roly poly Santa that wobbles with joy all day long! This limited edition toy will evoke curiosity and wonder in your child, teach them about balance, and adds a perfect addition to your Christmas decor at home! What will I get?A light-weight wooden wobbly Santa that has...
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Wooden Activity Triangle for 2-5 years old Kids


   Product Description: Use code ACTNOW to avail 20%OFF on this product!  A five-sided wooden Shumee Activity Triangle that promises hours of fun for toddlers as they explore the alphabet, numbers, patterns, and more.    What will I get?  Five-sided wooden triangle with letters and pictures on one side. Abacus...
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Wooden Twist & Turn Farm Animal Toys (2-5 years)


Product Description: New spin to familiar animal friends to make completely new animals! Mix and unmatch. The heads and the bodies (and sometimes the tails) of these animal toys can be separated and fixed back together in any way your child sees fit. Let your child’s curiosity about the natural...
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Build A Chair DIY Set


Product Description: Every toddlers' and pre-schoolers' first do-it-yourself project! It’s time to get hands-on and create your own furniture with the Build A Chair DIY set! What will I get?  12 Beechwood and Ivory wood pieces to construct a bright and colourful Shumee tools Chair. Extra planks to help the child...
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