Li'l Chef Cook Top (3-6 years)

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Product Description:
An awesome complete miniature cooking set for your little chef! This set of wooden veggies and cutlery comes with a cool wooden stove too. Your toddler can now recreate your kitchen and cook beside you at any time!

What will I get?

- A wooden stove with a cooktop that mimics real burners and grills, control knobs that rotate, and a recipe board backdrop for making note of your favorites food.

How to play?

Your toddler probably follows you around the kitchen and closely observes what you do. So they’ll certainly know exactly how to play with their new kitchen set!

- Teach them the names of each vegetable and ask them to make you breakfast, lunch, or tea. Let them bring their set into the kitchen and cook next to you.

- This lovely toy  is perfect for a to get your little one started with cooking.

- This pretend play toy is ideal for many games including Restaurant or Dinner Table. It’s sure to be an instant hit with your little one and something they will find great joy in for many years to come!

What will my child learn?
toys for development of fine motor skills

Working the toy stove and picking and moving around the little elements of this toy will hone your child’s fine motor skills.

toys for development of creativity skills
Coming up with new food to cook and new games to play with this toy will keep your child’s creative spark alight.

toys for development of curiosity skills
The bright and beautifully crafted veggies and plates are sure to pique your child’s curiosity about food, how it’s cooked, and what it will taste like.
What is it made of?

This toy is made from smooth and well rounded natural wood and coloured using non-toxic paints. It is 100% child-safe, tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international standards.

Dimensions: Cooktop - 42.5 cm x 23 cm x 5 cm

Li'l Chef Cook Top (3-6 years)

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