Farm Friends DIY Box and Coloring book

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Product Description:

A farm animal-themed DIY play set and colouring book — this combo is perfect for your child to craft, create, and play! This compact and lightweight set is travel-friendly and makes a great birthday or return gift. It comes with organic crayons and requires no glue or scissors, ideal for a no-mess arts and crafts session!

What will I get?

DIY Farm Friends 3D Activity Box:
- 5 sheets with cutouts to create a cow, a dog, a cat, a hen, a horse, a sheep, a scarecrow, and a bunny.
- 1 sheet with cutouts to create a small fence and a double-sided background.
- A play manual and a box that doubles as a background for play!

Box Dimensions: 21.5 cm X 24 cm X 2.5 cm

Farm Friends Book and Organic Crayon Kit:
- A colouring book with 20 pages of farm animal illustrations.
- 6 organic crayons with rich colours, perfect for tiny hands to hold and use.

Dimensions: 26 cm X 18.3 cm X 2 cm


How to play?

- Talk to your child about life on a farm and animals they would see there as they fix the DIY toys and colour the book.
- A blue pig or pink cow? When it comes to colouring, imagination is the limit!
- Make up stories using the book and act it out with the DIY toys. Ask your child to make the sounds the animals do!
- You can get even more creative by tracing around the paper cutouts or the illustrations in the book. Draw and colour in your own farm scene!

What will my child learn?

toys for fine motor skill development

Placing each DIY piece into thin slits and holding and using the crayons require a firm grip, which will hone your child's finger strength. Staying within the lines while colouring will also improve their hand-eye coordination.


toys for creativity skill development

Colouring and pretend play is an excellent way for them to express their creativity and unique ways of looking at the world.



toys for enhancing communication skills

Learning about the different farm animals will improve your child’s vocabulary.



Problem solving skills

Finding the right way to fix the paper cutouts together will hone their spatial awareness and logical reasoning.

Getting to know the different farm animals will spark your child's imagination, encouraging storytelling, imaginative play, and more.



What is it made of?

What is it made up of?

These toys are made with eco-friendly materials and non-toxic, child-safe ink, tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international toy standards. The crayons are made with organic soya butter, organic soya wax, organic coconut butter, organic palm wax and food grade colours. Clinically certified to be safe for sensitive skin.


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