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Farm-Glen Snap Cards


creative toys for 3 year olds and toddlers
toys for problem solving skill developmenttoys for curiosity skill developmenttoys for self expression skill development

Product Description:
  • Visit a farm while you play a game! Animals galore and their sounds and more. Match the 'baaas' and the 'moos' and the chicks and the ducks and win!
  • A fun family game it can take as many players as you want. No teams needed.
  • 52 cards in every pack. 13 different cards with farm images, four of each kind.
  • The goal is to win over all the animals and items. When you see matching cards cry 'snap' as fast as you can and they are all yours!
  • Easy to carry on family trips, picnics and family parties. Great way to keep everyone engaged on a hot day, a cold day, a rainy day or any day.
  • Improves motor skills, dexterity and academic skills.

Dimensions:  Each card is 12 x 7.5cm 

Materials: Made from eco-friendly materials and printed with non-toxic ink, this card game is made to last. Certified and tested by ASTM international standards.

 shumee - ecofriendly toys - made in india -free play toys

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