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Farm Lacing Wooden Toy Blocks for Kids Online | Free Shipping - Shumee

Farm Lacing Wooden Blocks


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Product Description:

‘Moo Moo’ followed by an ‘Oink oink’, or a ‘neigh neigh’ and more.  A farm animal wooden toy blocks for kids set that lets tiny hands create their own patterns as they learn about farms, animals, the environment and more.

 What will I get?

  • Ten beautifully crafted farm animal blocks that are just the right size for little toddler hands, each with a hole to pass a string through it and several ways to play.
  • 2 Blunt wooden needles to push through the blocks.
  • Strong soft yarn to thread the needles and string the blocks together.

 How to play?

  • String the beads together with the thread and needle provided in the set and undo it when done. String a different way the next time. Makes countless combinations with the same beads.
  • Stack them and learn about stacking shapes, and patterns.
  • Engage in pretend play as each block also stands by itself and can be used as a toy set for pretend play.
  • Teach about farm animals as you introduce each one to your toddler as a fun learning aid.
  • Learn to count as they string them together or when they stack them up.
  • Keeps your little ones engaged for hours as they thread each block together to make a little farm on a string.


 What will my child learn?


toys for development of fine motor skills

Enhances hand-eye coordination and works on fine motor skills as kids learn the precise art of pushing the needle in and out of the holes.



Excellent tool for self-expression as children build different stories and talk about the animals. 



toys for development of problem solving skills

 String the beads together with the thread and needed , a different way each time.   



toys that promote communication skill

Learning about animals and asking questions about them will help enhance vocabulary and communication skills.




What is it made up of?  This Wooden Toy Blocks for Kids Made from wood and non - toxic paints. Child safe. Certified and tested by ASTM and EN71 International standards. 


Our Values: 


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We’re putting safety first!

We’ve put in place every precaution to ensure that toys are packed and shipped in a safe, hygienic environment. We are:

> sanitizing our office & warehouse premises frequently.

> minimizing direct human contact while packing our toys.

> using hand sanitizers and protective masks while handling orders.

> monitoring our staff and giving self-quarantine time off to anyone with symptoms.

Learn more about our measures here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chandana D S
Excellent quality toys!

I have been using Shumee toys for quite some time now and I know that they don't compromise on quality, so this time I ordered the farm lacing wooden blocks. I knew my son would love it because he's quite interested in learning about different animals these days, so I thought this would be a great activity for him and yes as always I wasn't disappointed with the product when it reached us. I love how beautifully they have designed the toy keeping in mind the child's requirements. These blocks are colourful and attractive, easy to store and travel friendly. My son loves to play with it, it keeps him engaged for hours. The fact that I love shumee toys is because it is child safe, it helps in building skills, it is eco friendly and non toxic. What else could you ask for?

Deesha SIngh
Must buy

An amazinf wooden toys is thoughtfully designed to help the child develop in the most natural way. I

Khushboo Lakhotia


swati machiraju

Farm Lacing Wooden Blocks

Kushali gupta
Wonderful product

Its a great product for engaging kids. And quality us superb! Too cute to handle they are🙈

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