Fish Shaped Neem Wooden Rattle (0-2 years)

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Product Description:
A fish-shaped wooden Rattle that functions as a rattle, or a teether, encouraging babies to explore multiple textures and colors as they enhance their grasp reflex and fine motor skills.
What will I get?

A finely crafted fish-shaped rattle with multicolour beads that is perfect for little hands to grasp.

How to play?
  • Place them in the line of sight of the baby or hang it up and slowly move from side to side.
  • Hand it to baby and watch them grasp the handles and exercise their fingers.
  • Let baby hold and shake it to create soothing sounds.
  • Shake them to make gentle soothing sounds for baby to enjoy.
  • Place them at a slight distance from the baby as an object to reach for and get to as they start crawling.
What will my child learn?
toys for development of sensory skills

Sensory development: Develops and sharpens the sense of hearing through response to sounds. Improves vision through observing shapes, colours and patterns of rattle and beads. Enhances the sense of touch through tactile stimulation.

toys for development of fine motor skills

Fine Motor skills: Improve grasp reflex and fine motor skills, by trying to reach and hold the rattles.



toys for development of curiosity skills

Curiosity: The sounds and patterns will engage your baby’s attention and invoke curiosity.


Gross motor skills:
By trying to reach for the rattle either by extending arms or by trying to crawl, babies will develop gross motor skills.


Materials and Dimensions?

Made from neem wood and water based child safe paints, safe and lead-free. Certified and Tested by ASTM International standards.

Product Weight: 65g

Dimensions: 14 x 1 x 7.5 (in cm)

Fish Shaped Neem Wooden Rattle (0-2 years)

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Customer Reviews

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Nandita Puar
Good toys

I bought a clutch ball and a neem wood fish rattle for my 7 mth old grandson. He's delighted with the toys and so am I. Initially he was a little alarmed by the ball but it has now became a favorite .
The quality of the toys is excellent, size is right for age group .

Parul Malik
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From her hands to her mouth

Writing this after trying the teether-rattle for a few weeks. Our baby loves it. She is almost turning 6 months, on the verge of teething and constantly exploring things through her mouth. She grabs it, swings her arms to make a sound, chews on different sides of the fish at different times. We see this one going a long way as she learns to negotiate it even better. However, I agree with some suggesting that the size of the toy could’ve been smaller.

Too good

My baby loves this Rattle cum teether . She is teething right now and likes to chew on it . Just that size can be a bit small to be used as teether .


Fish Rattle - Made from Neem Wood


Very well made and cute!