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Gol Mol bol - by Pridhee

Enjoy the old hindi rhymes like akkad bakkad, aloo kachalu from your childhood days and share them with your little ones! Includes english transliteration to help older children read and a special central pop up for the children to enjoy.
Author: Pridhee Kapoor Gupta, a mother to a four year old, writes books for young readers in Indian languages. In her journey of parenthood predominantly outside of India, she quickly realised that there were not enough books in Indian languages (Hindi/ Kannada/ Punjabi) that she could easily read to her toddler (but funnily there were enough in English!). So, she set about correcting this imbalance through her books. A trained molecular biologist with a PhD from Germany, Pridhee has an undergraduate and masters degree from IIT-Delhi, and has taught at Macquarie University, Australia.

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