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Shumee Lace and Make Set for Creative Kids | Lacing Toy

Lace and Make Safari Animals


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toys for 3 year old
Product Description:
Let tiny hands lace different parts together to make adorable wooden animals. They can make a lion, elephant, moose, koala, or a whole new animal of their own imagination!
What will I get? 
  • 17 handcrafted wooden pieces for the animals' face, head, and bodies. These have holes through which a thread can be pulled.
  • 2 colourful, non-breakable lace, just the right thickness for little hands.
How to play?
Show your little one pictures of the different safari animals from the toy guide we'll send along in the package. Choose an animal they'd like to make and together, pick out the pieces for that animal. You can show them how to lace or guide them step by step until they figure out how to do it on their own.

At any time, 2 complete animals can be made from the pieces in the set from among the lion, elephant, moose, or koala. The finished animals can be played with as toys, used as characters in stories, or as a prop to teach your little one about the animal's habitat, sound, food, and more.
What will my child learn?
Holding each piece and pushing the lacing thread through the hole to make the animal piece by piece will improve their focus, grip, and dexterity.

toys for curiosity skill developmentThe cute animal shapes they make with their own hands will rouse your little one's interest in the animal kingdom. This can be a great entry point for you to tell them more.



 Your child will learn to identify the right pieces to create each animal and the order in which to lace, to build it.


Once your child is familiar with the toy and the lacing action, encourage them to make up their own animals. A lion with antlers? A moose with big ears? Anything is possible!


What is this made up of? 

This toy is made of natural beech wood and coloured with non-toxic paints. The edges are rounded to avoid injuries. The lacing thread is naturally dyed and textured for better grip.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Very cute

    Takes a bit of skill to lace and make the animals, but it's fun and end result is very cute

    Lace and make safari animals

    The product is well designed and nice for kids to play with. Definitely recommended for others

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