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Organic Crochet Shaker Rattle for Babies | Free Shipping - Shumee

Organic Crochet Shaker Rattle


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Product Description:

Soft and colourful crocheted rattles with smooth handles made of natural wood
with little organic beans inside, perfect for little hands to hold as they begin fine
motor development, stimulate sensory development, hearing, tactile senses, and
generate attention.

What I will get!
One colourful, one of a kind, hand-crafted rattle with different patterns, colours and textures.

How to play

  • Place them in the line of sight of the baby and slowly move them from side to side.
  • Hand them to baby and watch them grasp the handles and exercise their fingers.
  • Let baby squeeze the softer parts and enjoy the textures.
  • Roll them in your hands and watch your baby enjoy the sight of bright colours and patterns.
  • Shake them to make gentle soothing sounds for baby to enjoy.
  • Place them at a slight distance from the baby as an object to reach for and get to as they start crawling.

What my child will learn-

toys for development of fine motor skills

Fine Motor skills: Improve grasp reflex and fine Motor skills, by trying to reach and hold the rattles.



toys for development of curiosity skills

Curiosity: The sounds and patterns will engage your baby’s attention and invoke curiosity.



Sensory development: Develops and sharpens sense of hearing through response to sounds. Improves vision through observing shapes, colours and patterns on the rattles. Enhances the sense of touch through tactile stimulation.


Gross motor skills: By trying to reach for the rattle either by extending arms or by trying to crawl, babies will develop gross motor skills.

Material: Made from baby safe materials and natural materials. Azo free dyes used in this product make it perfectly safe as does the ivory wood used to craft this toy. Finely polished with beeswax so there are no sharp edges to hurt baby.

Actual Product May Vary In Color / Design

Shumee's USP:

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We’re putting safety first!

We’ve put in place every precaution to ensure that toys are packed and shipped in a safe, hygienic environment. We are:

> sanitizing our office & warehouse premises frequently.

> minimizing direct human contact while packing our toys.

> using hand sanitizers and protective masks while handling orders.

> monitoring our staff and giving self-quarantine time off to anyone with symptoms.

Learn more about our measures here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Roshni Paul
My baby loves it!

The fish rattle and crochet shaker is colorful and soothing in sound. He loves them. Thank you.

Gokul Prashanth

Loved the product!

Monalisa Routray

Organic Crochet Shaker Rattle

Nisha Top-Teagarden

There should be a little more space, between the wooden rings and the baby's grasp.

Prachi Natu
Good quality stuff. Nice colors.

Very good rattle. Top quality. Looks great too. Only for 2+ old babies

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