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Thirsty Crow Board Game - Fun family game – Shumee

Thirsty Crow Board Game - Fun family game


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Product Description:

Thirsty Crow' is a board game inspired by the Aesop fable 'The Crow & the Pitcher' a story that Indian kids grow up hearing. The game weaves together this popular story about resourcefulness with moves designed to sharpen strategic thinking and elements of chance. As a tribute to its Indian roots, the game's aesthetic is bright and quirky, with folksy Indian vibes. Know the old story of the thirsty crow? This game is inspired by that fable! Here, you and your friends take on the role of thirsty crows. Collect your pebbles and play your way across the board to reach the matka of water. But it's SUMMER! So you need to get there before the water droplets dry out. Caww-mon, let's play!

Dimensions:  27 x 27cm

What will my child learn:
toys for problem solvingtoys for curiosity

What is this made up of: Made with Ivory and Pine wood. Tested and Certified by ASTM International Standards. Proudly made in india by skilled artisans



Shumee's USP:

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Board Game

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rajan Gupta

Thirsty Crow Board Game - Fun family game

Amazing product

The thirsty crows sure are fun and exciting. Made from good quality wood, this product makes for a great indoor game.

Patali Gogineni

Very interesting board game with the cute wooden crow pawns!

Neethu john
Very good board game

Got this as a gift for my daughter.. This is really entertaining and something different than the usual ones.

Himika Gupta
Well crafted .innovative

Cute to look at and innovative . Different form usual board games .recommended .

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