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Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)
Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)
Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)
Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)
Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)
Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)
Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)
Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)
Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)
Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)

Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)

Take Me Home - Space Adventure Board Game (6 Years+)

Strategy based play


Family game


Hones mental skills

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Key Benefit of the Product

Explore and learn

Key Benefit of the Product

Imagine and create

Key Benefit of the Product

Family Game

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Product Details
How To Play

Saving the Planet, family board game style!

    Explore the cosmos with the Take Me Home Solar System Board Game, a captivating educational adventure. Designed to inspire young minds with its colourful design and engaging gameplay, this game introduces basic astronomy concepts while promoting learning through play. Ideal for fostering curiosity and early learning in preschool-aged children.

Curiosity: Saving the planet with Take Me Home will surely pique their curiosity about our planet and the environment.

Communication: Talking about the environment introduces them to the vocabulary and enables them to have important conversations.

Bonding: This is a family game night essential and will aid in bonding as you spend quality time with your child.

Problem-solving: Players will have to strategise and plan to make a move which helps develop problem-solving skills.

What will I Get?

  • 4 Puzzle Piece Board Game
  • 4 Astronauts
  • 2 Dices
  • 1 Fuel Tracker
  • 3 Earth Puzzle Sets
  • 4 Resource Flashcards
  • 2 Game Tokens
  • 1 Instruction Manual

Show your love for your planet through a quirky board game!

This board game designed in collaboration with Dia Mirza introduces children to the concept of being an eco-warrior and saving their planet. Talk to the child about how the planet needs to be revived and how four brave astronauts are out to save it. Great way to have conversations about climate change and how it affects us on a personal basis. This board game introduces the child to outer space, the planet, and our environment.

  • Educational: Introduces basic astronomy concepts and facts about the solar system.
  • Promotes Learning: Enhances cognitive skills such as memory, strategy, and decision-making.
  • Stimulates Curiosity: Sparks interest in space exploration and celestial bodies.
  • Encourages Social Skills: Promotes turn-taking, cooperation, and sportsmanship among players.
  • Interactive Fun: Combines learning with play, making learning enjoyable and engaging for preschoolers.

A board game to instil love for the planet

There are 2 ways you can play Take Me home - Cooperative game and Competitive game. In addition to the games mentioned in the manual, feel free to use the pieces and board to play the following gamesExplore the Solar System: Move through the game board, learning about planets and their characteristics.

Memory Game: Match planet cards to their corresponding spaces on the board, enhancing memory skills.

Role-playing: Encourage children to imagine themselves as astronauts or scientists exploring space.

Storytelling: Create stories about space adventures based on the game's theme and characters.

Family Game Night: Enjoy quality time with family or friends while learning about the solar system together.

Skills Developed

Key Benefit of the Product


Key Benefit of the Product

Problem Solving

Key Benefit of the Product


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Aditi Sarda

Take Me Home - Dia Mirza X Shumee Board Game (6-8 years)


What are the key benefits of the product?

Benefit - Strategy based play | Family game | Hones mental skills

Which age group is this product relevant for?

Age - 6 Years+

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