ninjaKi - a balancing game


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Product Description:
NinjaKi is a delightful educational balance game that hones mental and physical agility. This game tests your ability to skillfully balance agile wooden ninjas atop one another to form a tower!

- 7 colourful wooden ninjas in unique poses.
- A set of special NinjaKi cards.
- A ninja-themed measuring scale.

NijaKi is a fun game that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike! The aim of the game is to balance the wooden ninjas atop each other without toppling. Each ninja has a skill and a special ability that makes him or her a winner and while playing, you too can win at concentration, focus, and strategy planning! This game can be enjoyed alone, played with friends, and is even perfect for a family game night.

toys for development of problem solving skillsProblem-solving: Your child will learn to problem-solve as they figure the best ways to balance the ninjas atop each other.

toys for development of fine motor skillsFine motor skills: Picking and moving the ninjas delicately will help hone your little one’s fine motor skills.

toys for development of creativity skillsCreativity: Finding unique ways to stack the ninjas will help keep your child’s creative mind abuzz.

Curiosity: Playing this game is sure to get your child curious about ninjas, their history, and their role in Japanese culture.

This toy is made of organic wood and is painted using non-toxic water-based colors. It is 100% child-safe and certified by ASTM international standards.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
I just simply love them and keep playing with them all the time
Great toy !

It is the best game I've played in my life. I'll give a five star review. Do see my picture of how I balanced it.

Sahana Rao
One of the Best buy !!

Gifted it to my friends 5 year old son. He loved it and it kept him busy throughout the day.

Mallika Baghela
Best game ever!

The game is engaging, and so much fun for the whole family! My son spent an entire day with it, figuring out different ways to balance. Completely worth it!

Saalim Ahmed
Loving it

It is a great toy for every kid and Adults too use it as a stress buster. Alert!!! It is Addictive.

This is a wonderful family game

we loved how the ninjas are designed - it is fun and addictive - for both adults and kids

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