Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy
Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy Online
Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy for kids
Buy Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy
Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy for Kids Online
Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy online India
Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy
Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy Online
Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy for kids
Buy Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy
Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy for Kids Online
Jungle Lacing and Threading Toy online India

Wooden Jungle Pegging/Lacing Toy Set (2 Years+)

Wooden Jungle Pegging/Lacing Toy Set (2 Years+)

Spatial awareness


Hand-eye coordination


Builds concentration and focus

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3 reviews

Key Benefit of the Product

Explore & Learn

Key Benefit of the Product

Imagine & Create

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Product Details
How To Play

Lace together a jungle filled with animals!

Explore the wild with the Wooden Jungle Peg and Lace Block Set, featuring beautifully crafted jungle animals and trees. This unique set encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and imaginative play. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, it brings the adventure of the jungle right into your home.

Fine motor: Develops pencil grip and strengthens fingers as they lace the blocks with needle and thread.

Imagination: Making their own sequence of animals helps think about the many possible combinations.

Communication: Talking about animals they are including in their lace sequence strengthens communication skills.

Independent play: Excellent toy to encourage independent play.

What will I Get?

  • 10 Blocks
  • 2 Blunt Needles with Yarn
  • 1 Wooden Base

Learn about animals through hands-on play!

Children around the age of 2-4 love animals and enjoy playing with animal-themed toys. This Wooden Lacing Jungle Animals Toy was created to indulge that obsession and help them develop those crucial fine motor skills while they learn about and play with animals! Developing that pencil grasp and strengthening fingers is an important transition for your toddler as they become a preschooler and holding the needle and lacing through the blocks works those muscles.

  • Enhances Fine Motor Skills: The lacing and pegging activities help develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity in young children.
  • Encourages Imaginative Play: The jungle-themed blocks inspire creative storytelling and role-playing, fostering imagination and cognitive development.
  • Promotes Problem-Solving: As children figure out how to lace the pieces together, they enhance their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Durable Construction: High-quality craftsmanship ensures the set can withstand active play and last for years.
  • Portable and Convenient: The compact design makes it easy to take on-the-go, providing entertainment during travel or outings.
  • Encourages Focus and Patience: The detailed activities require concentration and patience, helping to develop these essential skills.

Multiple ways to play, endlessly engaging for kids!

  1. Storytelling Game: Encourage your child to create and narrate a jungle adventure story using the animal and tree blocks. They can move the blocks around to act out different scenes and interactions, enhancing their creativity and storytelling skills.
  2. Pattern Lacing: Create a pattern with the blocks and challenge your child to lace them in the same order, improving their memory and sequencing skills.
  3. Timed Lacing: Set a timer and see how many blocks your child can lace together within a specific time frame, adding an element of excitement and encouraging quick thinking and coordination.
  4. Tower Building: See how high your child can stack the blocks by pegging them together, encouraging fine motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination.
  5. Animal Facts: Use the jungle animal blocks to teach your child interesting facts about each animal, turning playtime into an educational session about wildlife.

Skills Developed

Key Benefit of the Product

Fine Motor

Key Benefit of the Product

Self Expression

Key Benefit of the Product


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jitender Sodhi c/o Silky Kochhar

A well finished product which is child safe and invite excitement in the child.

Kanika Sharma
Super Amazing product

I had recently ordered this set of toy for my 2 year old daughter and I am soooo happy that she fell in love with it the moment I introduced it to her.. Such beautiful characters and the quality is also A+.. I have always loved the products Shumee comes up with but this particular set has outpassed all.. Absolute favourite .. Thank you Shumee

Abirami Vignesh
Great product!

Very satisfied with the quality!
Engages my child's play time well pegging different shapes and lacing them right into a needle! Its more fun to do with a bear on one side and a girl to the other side ! Thank u shumee toys!


What are the key benefits of the product?

Benefit - Spatial awareness | Hand-eye coordination | Builds concentration and focus

Which age group is this product relevant for?

Age - 2 Years+

How do i care for this product?

This can be cleaned with a moist wet cloth.

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