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Jungle Peg-Lace Block Set | Wooden Lacing Toy with a Twist | Shumee

Jungle Pegging/Lacing Toy


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 Product Description:

Meet a bear in the jungle or the little girl in her garden. Mix and match both themes. Peg it, thread it or just play with it! Try something completely new! An innovative way to tell new tales.

What will I get?

  • 10 beautifully handcrafted unique little blocks painted on both sides with a little hole in the middle to peg on a stand, or to lace with a wooden needle that comes with the set.
  • This Wooden Lacing Toy comes with 2 Blunt wooden needles to push through the blocks.
  • Strong soft yarn to thread the needles and string the blocks together.
  • One peg stand base to create a story.


 How to play?

  • String the blocks together with the thread and needle provided in the set and undo it when done. String a different way the next time. Makes countless combinations with the same blocks.
  • Stack them on a peg stand and learn about stacking shapes, and patterns.
  • Engage in pretend play as each set can be used as a toy set for pretend play.
  • Learn to count as they string them together or when they stack them up.
  • Keeps your little ones engaged for hours as they thread each block together to make a little farm on a string.
  • Make up stories.


What will my child learn?  

toys to develop fine motor skills

Enhances hand-eye coordination and works on fine motor skills as kids learn the precise art of pushing the needle in and out of the holes.



toys to develop self expression skills

Excellent tool for self-expression as children build different stories and talk about the animals. Learn  number skills shapes and colour identification.



toys to develop creativity skills

Create beautiful designs on the thread or peg stand and let the imagination loose.



Learning about animals, the forest and more and asking questions


    Dimensions: Peg stand base: 20 x  5.5 cm

    What is it made up of? This classic wooden lacing toy is made from eco-friendly materials and natural, non-toxic, water-based paints keeping child safety in mind. Certified and tested by ASTM international standards.

    Our Values: 


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    Customer Reviews

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    Great product!

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