Family Game Night: What makes these games so good?

  • Feb 10, 2021
  • Family Game Night: What makes these games so good?

    Are there any family traditions you’ve grown up with? You may have had weekend movie nights, monthly beach trips, or a yearly trip to a neighbouring hill station.

    These simple traditions have a special place in our hearts because of the memories and bonds we created doing them.

    Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve once again seen how sharing space and doing things together can bond a family in incredible ways. While we may slowly be returning to our regular jobs and our children to their schools, we could still carve some time to make memories with the ones we love! 

    In this spirit, we are sharing some wonderful indoor games for kids, perfect for family game night  a tradition we believe every household should have! 

    Planning a family game night

    Game nights are a fantastic way for you to unwind together as a family. It could help blow some steam off a rough week, create room to share important life updates, or even just enjoy each other’s company.

    Gather around your coffee table with some snacks and beverages and settle in for some bonding time with the ones you love! Here are some pointers to plan a wonderful game night: 

    1. Choose the right frequency - While some families may enjoy getting together weekly, others may only be able to do so once a month. Pick a frequency that suits the schedules and demands of your family members. Remember there's no right and wrong! 

    2. Pick the right day and time - Would you prefer to get together on a weekend or does beating the mid-week blues with some games sound better? Decide on when and what time so you can plan your snacks, meals, chores, and even the games accordingly!

    3. Go screen-free - Family game night is all about spending quality time with the ones you love. Make sure you put away your phones and electronics and are completely present with each other throughout the evening.

    4. Decide the games beforehand - You could play just one long game, play different versions of a game, or even have a couple of different games in one night. Plan ahead and keep the games ready so you won't miss a beat while starting the evening!

    5. Take turns hosting - The best family game nights are those that directly reflect its members. So make sure everyone gets a chance to show off what they are good at by taking turns picking games and hosting the evening.

    What to play on Family Game Nights? 

    1. Board Games

    If you have preschoolers or older kids, board games are an easy pick to begin family game nights with. They are a great way to get to know each other in make-believe worlds, observe each other's skills, strengths, and natural inclinations. 

    You could test your business skills by competing to become the Pancake Champion or put on your do-gooder hats and help the thirsty crows get to the matka of water. These games require a mix of strategy and creative thinking, and there is a lot of room for fun family banter! 

    2. Card Games

    A pack of cards is always the right choice for a family night in! Any type of cards offer a chance to play multiple different games. Everyone at home is sure to have a favourite, and you can take turns playing each person’s game of choice. 

    From snap card games for kids, especially the feisty little ones to memory games for those who love challenging their cognitive skills to a Ramayana-themed set that comes complete with a story book on the epic, there’s a lot you can choose from!

    3. Tic Tac Toe

    How about going old school with some tic tac toe? While most of us may have played it with friends behind our school notebooks, the 3D version of this game makes it equally suitable as a family game night pick! You could warm up for the evening with this effortless game and then move on to something more challenging.

    4. Balancing Games 

    Looking for something with fewer rules to learn? Then balancing games might just be the thing for you! All you need to do is balance as many pieces of the toy atop each other without the structure toppling down. 

    Games like Ninjaki and Towering Yogis follow the good ol’ jenga concept, with fun twists. You could discuss the skills of the ninjas or recreate the yoga poses while playing. You may even help the children discover a lifelong passion for yoga or martial arts!

    5. Chess

    If intellectual sparring is your family’s cup of tea, nothing says bonding like a round of chess! This timeless game is sure to hone strategy, planning, and creative thinking, and will encourage healthy competition among siblings. 

    Teach your little ones this classic game with our quirky Pirates vs. Royals version. This handcrafted set of designer pieces make great keepsakes for adults too! 

    6. Puzzles

    Puzzles make the perfect family night addition! They require focus and cooperation, but you can easily keep a conversation going while you play. Catch up on each of your weeks and have honest heart-to-hearts as you put together a lovely puzzle. 

    Our range of puzzles go from ones that are great for toddlers to preschoolers and even older children. We even have 3D puzzles that, once completed, will make a wonderful addition to your child’s playroom decor!

    7. Bowling 

    Have an energetic family who loves to constantly be on their feet? Then you could plan more active game nights with games like child-friendly bowling!

    Set up these mini bowling pins indoors or in your lawn outside and see who can get the highest score. 

    Hosting the perfect family game night

    Some nights may be more fun than others, but that's all part of the experience. Regardless of how each individual game night goes, remember that you are building something truly meaningful in the long-run. So sit back, relax, and enjoy making the most of this special tradition! 

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