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Alphabet Building Blocks for 2-6 years old


Product Description:Build a towering vocabulary on a strong base! These wonderful multitasking alphabet blocks are perfect to help your child learn the alphabet, build words, or get creative building unique structures. What will I get?- 13 brightly coloured, classic large wooden blocks with alphabets, numbers, and lovely illustrations.- A muslin...
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ninjaKi - a balancing game


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  Product Description:NinjaKi is a delightful educational balance game that hones mental and physical agility. This game tests your ability to skillfully balance agile wooden ninjas atop one another to form a tower! What will I get?- 7 colourful wooden ninjas in unique poses.- A set of special NinjaKi cards.-...
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Wooden Shape Sorting Clock (2-4 years)


Product Description: A puzzle, a clock to tell time by and a shape categorizer all in one. Shape sorting clock is easy to carry & is made of wood that consists of moving hands and numbered grooves for specific shapes. A great travel companion for your toddler. Sensory, tactile and sight...
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Peppa Pig Wooden Blocks Balancing Game


Product Description:A George Pig balancing game with colourful blocks to help your toddler explore their imagination while playing with their favourite characters. What will I get?- 9 gorgeous handcrafted chunky blocks printed on both sides with George and other fun elements.- A culbuto base with 3 wooden pegs. How to...
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Shape Sorter Puzzle Boards (set of 3)


  Product Description: Is it a puzzle? Is it a block? Its a shape sorter!! Lightweight, easy-to-carry set of 3 puzzle boards and 15 wooden blocks that fuel imagination and creativity. Shumee shape sorters make a great gift or travel companion. This wooden shape sorter toy comes with three puzzle boards to fit...
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Towering Yogis - a Balancing Game


  Product Description:It’s a yoga and concentration game with a difference. Stack the fit and colourful yogis as high as you can!Move them, balance them, stack them, and challenge each other to see how high you can go! Dimensions: 14 cm x 8.5 cm What will I get? Seven Yogis...
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Wooden Multishape Chalk-o-Blocks Set


Product Description:A bright and colorful wooden block set with a chalkable surface that your little one is sure to love! This toy is perfect to sharpen their cognitive skills and to help them get creative with. What will I get?- Twenty-five multi-shaped blocks in different colors that your child can...
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Learn Fractions Building Blocks


  Product Description: Build a city or just do your math with these blocks or do a little of both. The Fraction blocks have tall skyscrapers and small little buildings, all with windows that are multiples of each other. The tallest skyscraper has 12 windows while the next in size...
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Peppa Pig's Shape Sorting Board


Product Description: A Peppa pig puzzle and shape sorting board in one! Watch your child sort shapes and solve a puzzle as they develop visual acuity, spatial ability and hand eye coordination as they have fun. What will I get? A puzzle board with multi-colored varied shape blocks that fit...
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Stack and Sort Toys Combo

₹2,490 ₹2,365

The toys in this Stack and Sort combo will help your toddler hone their fine motor skills and get comfortable with foundational problem solving. Stack, sort shapes, and learn activities of numbers and colours with the Shape and Number House and Garden Flower Maze! What is in this combo? Shape...
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Easy Sort and Balance Combo

₹1,870 ₹1,776

This combo is designed for a toddler who loves the sea! Learn to balance George pig and friends on the boat and sort the different sea creatures according to their shapes on the board. There’s a lot to love about the underwater world and these toys will keep a child...
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Shop for wooden stacking and balancing toys online at shumee As parents and other caretakers in a child’s life, we tend to get excited about the big milestones like walking and talking. While that is completely understandable, it’s the less celebrated skills like stacking and balancing that helps a child grow in leaps and bounds on a regular basis. Stacking helps a child strengthen the muscles in their hands and palms, honing their overall gross and fine motor skills. Stacking toys for kids also help them understand shapes and sizes and how to balance one piece on top of the other. These toys also help with middling crossing, which is an important life skill for your child to learn how to cut, write, and so on. Stacking and balancing toys are all perfect to hone an array of cognitive and motor skills. We at shumee believe that a child’s playroom is incomplete without a few great wooden stacking and sorting toys.

Stacking and balancing toys that your child can enjoy in different ways We at shumee love stacking, sorting, and balancing toys for kids! This means that we find ways to sneak in a stacking or sorting element into most of our toys. We know that while this may not be what grabs a child’s attention, stacking and sorting are features that will keep them hooked to playing with a toy for hours on end. Our stacking toys for toddlers include building blocks, chalkable blocks, and alphabet and number blocks. While these will help your child to sort and count, they will also teach them the alphabet and improve their overall vocabulary. They can also double as pretend play toys -- buildings, boats, and trees for their dolls to enjoy! One of our unique offerings at shumee is our NinjaKi balancing game and our Balancing Yogis. These toys, along with the Peppa Balancing Game, are perfect ways for your child to hone their fine motor skills and learn to balance interesting different shapes atop each other.

Why shop for sorting and stacking toys at shumee? Stacking toys may be popular in most toy stores, but we at shumee know how to make our wooden stacking toys and sorting toys for toddlers a whole lot more fun! Froma Peppa-themed boat to chalkable blocks and a cool little house, our stacking toys are designed to capture your child’s interest in a variety of ways. Our balancing ninjas and cute little yogis will surely keep your child intrigued and playing with these natural and child-safe toys all day long!

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