Activity Sheets for Kids of All Ages

Download files for your kids to plat at home

What's the best way to learn something? Do something hands-on and have fun doing it! Here are a set of 10 themed activity sheets that teach something new for each age group, from toddlers to kindergartners and early schoolgoers.

We’ve given considerable thought to designing each of these activities. They are easy for you to use (just download & print!), need the most basic stationery supplies (scissors, gum, paper cutter, pencil, crayons, etc), and offer hours of thinking and entertainment for your little one.

Download, try, and tell us how you liked them using #playwithshumee on Facebook or Instagram.

Ages 2 - 4

Download for Ages 2-4

Ages 4 - 6

Download for Ages 4-6

Ages 6+

Download for Ages 6+