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Thirsty Crow Board Game - Fun family game


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Product Description: Thirsty Crow' is a board game inspired by the Aesop fable 'The Crow & the Pitcher' a story that Indian kids grow up hearing. The game weaves together this popular story about resourcefulness with moves designed to sharpen strategic thinking and elements of chance. As a tribute to...
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Wobbly Santa- Roly Poly Holiday Toy


Product Description:An adorable roly poly Santa that wobbles with joy all day long! This limited edition toy will evoke curiosity and wonder in your child, teach them about balance, and adds a perfect addition to your Christmas decor at home! What will I get?A light-weight wooden wobbly Santa that has...
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ninjaKi - a balancing game


Ā  Product Description:NinjaKi is a delightful educational balance game that hones mental and physical agility. This game tests your ability to skillfully balance agile wooden ninjas atop one another to form a tower! What will I get?- 7 colourful wooden ninjas in unique poses.- A set of special NinjaKi cards.-...
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Christmas Bundle of Joy - Wooden peg dolls


Product Description: Celebrate this holiday season with our limited edition box of Christmas toys and crafts! This box has Christmas-themed wooden peg dolls, a set of holiday stickers, Christmas colouring sheets, and a special letter to fill in for Santa. The perfect Christmas gift that your child is sure to...
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Peppa Wooden Stamps and Sticker DIY set


Product Description: A beautifully handcrafted set of blocks and stickers for fun and hours of play! Watch your child explore their creative side and develop self expression with these finely made blocks and colours. What do I get?Ā  Two wooden handcrafted blocks with Peppa pig and George images. Party celebration...
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Magnetic Robo Blocks


Product Description: Robots will help you take over the future!Ā  Prepare for a bright one for your child who will build, dismantle, and make them anew while developing fine motor skills, stimulating curiosity and imagination. What do I get?Ā  Twelve multi-shape magnetic blocks for kids that have endless ways to...
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Peppa Pig Tic Tac Toe and Memory Cards Combo


Product Description:A wooden Tic Tac Toe board game with colourful Peppa and George coins + a memory-enhancing game with a Peppa pig Carnival theme - Your favourite games combined with your favourite cartoons, you canā€™t go wrong with this combo! What will I get?Tic Tac Toe: A lightweight sturdy tic...
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Peppa Pig Carnival Memory Game and FamJam Cards Combo


Product Description: Peppa Pig Carnival Memory Game: A travel-friendly Carnival memory game for kids featuring 9 pairs of Peppa Pig's friends, including George, Rebecca Rabbit, Candy Cat and Gerald Giraffe. Keep them face down and flip them over one disc at a time to find pairs that match. Helps build...
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