5 family-friendly games to ring in 2024

  • Dec 23, 2023
  • 5 family-friendly games to ring in 2024

    It's time to slow down and indulge in some much needed R&R with the family. Spending quality time with the family doesn't have to include a lot of planning or spending a lot of money, it can be done at home!

    All you need are a few games, a little competitive spirit and you are all set to unwind and indulge in some quality time as a family! Here are 5 family-friendly ways to ring in 2024.

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    Playing Board games

    Playing board games together as  family is a lot of fun but did you know there is so much learning that also happens? Board games are a great way to teach young kids about taking turns, making a plan before reacting, and sometime even teamwork! Board games like shumee's Let's Cook and Food Connect also introduce children to the concept of healthy eating and may even be an interesting way to get them to try new fruit and veggies! Mix it up and keep it interesting! Try a new board game every day! Strategize and bring astronauts home from outer space with Take Me Home or revisit old fables with Thirsty Crow!

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    Deal a hand with Card games

    If you are travelling as a family this season, then pack along card games! These are travel friendly, can be played while waiting at airports or to wind down in a hotel after a long day. Card game help little children hone dexterity and hand-eye coordination while making sure they plan and strategize as they play. Games like shumee's range of Snap card games and Memory card games are sure to thrill and engage for hours! 

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    Focus and make your move games

    We are always telling our kids to focus on their studies or at the task at hand, right? Why not show them how to focus with a few games! Bring out a puzzle from shumee's range and show them what focus looks like. Whether you choose the Animal Alphabet Puzzle or the Chunky wooden Snail puzzle or even the Colourful Wooden Puzzle Cube, you can see your child focus as they complete the task. Focus, compete, and play together as a family with Ninjaki and Towering Yogis! Balance and stack them up and see how high you can go! 

    Pop open some Quiz games

    Don your quizmaster hat and sneak in some learning all while playing and having fun! Create quizzes about the country, the world, sports, your own family and then play together in teams! Use toys to help kids learn and then make it competitive by popping a quiz later. Shumee's Indiascape combo is packed with trivia about our country. Through puzzles, memory cards, and an activity book teach children about India and then watch them show off their knowledge as you quiz them!

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    Get Active together games


     Full festive tummies and being stuck indoors means it it time to expend all that pent up energy as a family! Push the furniture aside and create an obstacle course with shumee's Colourful Wooden Stepping Discs and add in the Mini Bowling set too! Set tasks, keep time and see who wins the challenge! Add spin tops and create forts and give your child a chance to see that parents can be fun, active, and silly too! 

    So many ways to celebrate and bond together as a family as you wait to ring in the New Year! Share how you spend the last few days of 2023 in the comments below and tag us as you play with shumee toys! 

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