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Shop online for great combo toys and games for kids We at shumee are all about free play and open-ended toys. One of the reasons for this is because children are deeply curious about the world around them and they look for answers through play. So when a child guides play and uses a toy in their own way, it hones several skills at once. To further this offering, we’ve created combos for you with toys that complement each other and boost skills that develop at particular ages. We have educational combo toys for kids that spur cognitive development, card game combos that challenge them, and even soft baby toys combos that newborns are sure to love! Our combos not are not only carefully curated, but also offer great deals. We know that wooden toys can be expensive. Which is why our wooden toys combos are ideal for anyone looking for eco-friendly and child-safe toys that are also affordable!

Latest combos for babies, toddlers & preschoolers We offer combos of toys and games that are categorised by age, price range, theme, and types of toys. For newborns, we have the Happy Newborn Combo which has toys that hone your baby’s sensory and motor skills. For toddlers, we have stacking and sorting combos , which will hone several parallel skills such as finger strength, pincer grasp, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.Many of our toy combos are also grouped by the game itself. For instance, our rattles combo is an easy pick for a parent looking for a set of safe organic rattles for their newborn. Our puzzles combos or card game combos are sure to be instant hits with toddler and preschoolers looking who enjoy a mental challenge! Some of our combos are also categorised by themes. If your child is in an animal phase, our forest cards combo may be perfect for them. If they like spending time in the kitchen, check out our Ultimate Lil’ Chef’s Kitchen Combo. And of course, every little one is sure to fall in love with our Peppa Pig combos.

Does shumee have toy combos for kids of all ages? Yes, we do! At shumee, our combos are carefully curated keeping in mind the best toys for kids at every stage of their development. While our wooden rattles combos and soft toys combos for new borns have toys that are safe under adult supervision, our wooden toys combos for 2-3 year olds, are perfectly safe for toddlers to play with.